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How do you find a name for a telephone number online?

I have a number that keeps calling and I think it is over sea but I do not know who it is and would like to find out...

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    one of the best websites for that is

    # yellowbook

    if all else fails....go down this search list!!

    # - Business and residential telephone numbers, zip codes, public records on individuals, maps and local entertainment

    # - Find telephone listings for people, businesses, products and get e-mail addresses, maps and city guides

    # Who Where - Powered by Lycos, find phone numbers and e-mail addresses for your family and friends

    # Any Who - Find a person or business

    # Google Voice Local Search - Google's new free 411 service

    # Tellme - Microsoft's 411 service geared for mobile users

    # Free 411 - Free directory assistance

    # White Pages - Look up telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, area codes and websites

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    Try our website that was created exactly for this purpose,

    You can enter the telephone number that keeps calling you and see if the community has commented on who it is. We've even made it easy for you to report them to the Do Not Call list!!!

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    oh thier are a few sites that you can find info o n unknowen #'s their was a site called who keeps calling me ....but their should be others good luck i havent looked for i in ages .... soo good luck ....ohhh by the way some #'s start with certain digits that can only be from certain states ....

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    Just dial 411.

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    You can also use this sites. I often use them for my communication and works well.

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