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Atheists,Christians,Muslims And Jews pls answer this, i have a theory and i want you to prove it for me?

heres what i found out. about who prefers who more..

I found out that

Muslims Prefer christians over any other religion, they considered them *their cousins*


Christians dont like the muslims.. they prefer the Jews since they share same basic verses.

Ironically, the jews dont prefer nor muslims or chrstians. they say muslims love to invade countries and christians love to force them to believe in christ. The JEWS PREFER ATHEISTS.. they even say we have no hell . (this is what atheists wanna hear)

Atheists dont prefer christian/muslims they love the jews because jews say thay aint no hell for them. and to atheists who worship freedom idea , muslims/christ go against their god

SO, out of 100 %, how accuaret this theory is ?

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    So you predict that atheist will be more likely to agree with jews because jews do not believe in hell.

    Well if you had done your home work you would be the one telling me how much out of a 100% right?

    Also you did not show how all other things were equal.

    To have a sound theory that can not be shown to be overly sensitive to variations in personality, nationality, ethnicity, education, region, political prefrences and a plethorea of other differences you would have to be able to show how all other things being equal an atheist will prefer jews and then you really got your work cut out for to leap to the reason being that jews do not believe in hell.

    Source(s): I don't think your in the peer review stage of this you need to go back to the data collection and filtering stage.
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    Muslim has no preference over the other.

    You or other people might make such conclusion because it is stated in Quran in regards of Zabur(sebo'un), taurat(Torah) and injil. From all the verses in the quran Taurat was mentioned a lot. As such if muslim is to make preference, Jew is the preferred ones. Not true either. But then again I think your theory is not a collective preference.

    Ergo zero accuracy.

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    Actually my husband has said, time and time again, that Jewish persons love Muslims. And actually Muslims feel very close to Christians and Jews alike, because we are all worshipping the same God, one God. It is required to be a Muslim that you believe in all the books, the Quran, Bible and Torah. So I believe this is just an opinion, not a fact.

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    As a Muslim i have no preference over Jews or Christians or Catholics or Mormons etc.

    True Jews and Christians are considered people of the Books but i dont raise one above the other.

    I dont really care what anyone else thinks of me or my faith if i am closer to them, they dont agree etc no skin of my nose.

    People are free to follow and choose what they like and i have friends and relatives of every faith and no faith at all. I dont see faiths i see people and their actions are what counts and the deeds they do, its irrelevant if they are a Jew or a Hindu to me......

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    As a muslim, I prefer atheists myself. At least they actually studied my religion unlike those fundies who say I'll go to Hell and love to bomb people for the sake of 72 virgins.

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    I have to admit .. it made me think .. it is abit true

    not sure about the atheists preferring the Jews though .. i didn't see that

    but the rest .. i think is 80% accurate

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    1.Muslims prefer Christians - 100%

    2.Christians dont like muslims - 20%- cuz eastren christains HATE jews cuz they killed jesus they like us little bit more

    3.jews prefer muslims over christians - 20%because we share many similarties like halal slughtering and male circumcission, wich christians dont believe in

    4.Atheists Likes no religon but they prefer jews .


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    When someone tells me I'm going to hell, I take it about as seriously as if someone told you that you are going to be a slave at Santa's workshop in the North Pole (assuming that you are somewhat rational). An idea that absurd doesn't make me mad, it makes me laugh.

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    Maybe 80% accurate.

    And yes.. muslims are fond of christians and jews.

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    Jews are cool - it's the fundie xian and moslem who scare me.

    Jews don't threaten me with anything and don't even mind if I don't believe in their imaginary friend; they're my type of people.


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