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I am Canadian....but what is up with this Racist Political War going on in the States?

Barak Hussain Obama

Barak Osama


This just boggles me, I thought the United States Citizens were progressive and informed, but apparently many of you think there is a Christian vs Muslim war right now....and you just don't understand what is really going on do you?

Please somebody show me some hope.


I know its his middle name...which is why I said it followed by his other name...and you can also see the relevancy on what people relate it to right away. Some people will refer to him as just Barak Hussain or Hussain Obama...with the idea that saying Hussain will scare people.

Update 2:

ps. I am involved with my politics as well...but our election is happening a year after yours...and if you don't know already, but your Country affects the whole world...mostly because of the Corporatocracy and the World Bank, IMF and other criminals that are pillaging the rest of the world.

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  • rich k
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    You left out Sexist, Hillary's supporters always insist you include Sexist. Be thankful you're Canadian and only confused, as a U.S. citizen I'm thoroughly appalled. What we're seeing is a new version of Hitler's "Big Lie" concept, tell a lie often enough and people believe it must be true because the All knowing and Infallible "Everyone" says it. This seems to have started because Obama and Hillary, both being hard core Democrats, were running on what was essentially the same platform. That meant that they had to distinguish themselves from each other by using categories other than the core issues, and gender and race were the easiest. Add to the hysteria Bush's frantic efforts to paint his failed Iraqi Middle Eastern policy as the result of Islamic hatred of the U.S. and the unfortunate coincidence of Obama's middle name and the relentless media and Internet repetition of any rumor that comes along and the result is the chaos we now see. Sad, but a fact of life in the Electronic Age.

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    confident, i think of that's the business enterprise of the state because of the fact the state has to enforce the regulation. we've the Race family members Act which mentions "putting at a draw back" via racial discrimination, even in spite of the undeniable fact that it does not distinctly point out political events. even in spite of the undeniable fact that the implication of a political party with a racially discriminatory club coverage is that the excluded communities are in result denied the prospect to alter into council or parliamentary applicants, which would be seen as disadvantageous and discriminatory in the event that they elect to take part in government. this would look beside the point on the 2d contained in relation to a minority party, yet would we elect a huge party composed legally of in elementary terms white British nationals working the rustic or close by councils?

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    This is called democracy. It isn't political war. In the old days we would just get out our rifles and start shooting or clubbing people until we prevailed. Now we have elections. Bush may not speak good or sensible English but then Chretien didn't either.

  • ArRo
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    Give us some time. We liberals are progressive and we do know what is going on. We are in an election contest in which we are desperately trying to end an inept approach to both domestic and foreign policies. The present administration and his party wants to continue failed policies, while the Democrats, with either Obama or Clinton, want big changes. Even the conservatives who bash, Senator Obama, know we need some new ideas, and new people to implement them. They just won't admit it, since that would mean they made a bad choice in electing Bush!

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  • Anonymous
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    I'm wondering myself where your black prime minister is, Canada. And why is there so much racism in Canada, they won't let black people into bars.

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    Every country effects the rest of the world. Stop using that old tired talking point, nonAmericans.

  • Wulfen
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    Hussein is his name dude. His full name is Barack Hussein Obama. I'm not kidding. Its not racist because well thats his real name!

    See this is why I don't like it when foreigners get into our politics because they always get the wrong idea on things.

  • 1 decade ago

    most humans are biased self righteous idiots who think things have to live up to their individual ideals instead of finding an equilibrium.

  • 1 decade ago

    Oh it's just our presidential elections it's really nothing to worry about . It happens every four years or so.

  • 1 decade ago

    Typical socialist Canadian, you are clueless about the Christian, Mus war.

    And why is everything racist to you liberals. I don't see any of McCain's nicknames on your post.

    I think you are racist, how about that!!!

  • Anonymous
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    Why dont you just butt out of our affairs. U worry about ur country, we are doing fine here thank u. We will deny a muslim presidency or we will crown him our king, thats our business, so shut up!

    U holier than thou canadian, wheres ur black Pm wheres ur sikh PM, wheres ur moslem PM?!wheres ur asian PM?!

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