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    Looked from another angle that, this also was narrates has separated a

    generation of education the question. In the movie has to society's

    satire, helpless. Young Wu disrespects to the grandmother, disdains

    with the unreasonable request, is precisely the nowadays many families

    reprints, the young Wu mother because extracts the time to accompany

    own mother, only delivered healthy food to compensate her, but the

    granny wanted sickness was not these, she so long as the daughter

    accompanied her 1. to be good, because many matter all compared are

    not careful person sincere regards. Such plot arranges, is concealing

    the direct and "the good filial piety must be prompt" to the realistic

    society's severe critique the sigh, this also is in the movie in warm

    is touching at the same time outside, directs another important news

    which must transmit.

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