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Starbucks: 14,000 Stores in 43 Countries and Still Growing


by Luke Dodds

Chances are you''ve enjoyed a cup of coffee from Starbucks. Since the opening of the first Starbucks in 1971 as a vendor of high-quality coffee beans and brewing equipment, the company has expanded to become the most popular coffeehouse chain in the world. Its 14,000 stores in 43 countries sell coffee beverages, beans, teas, brewing equipment, pastries, and more. How did this happen?

Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz took over the company in 1987. He recognized an untapped market in busy individuals in urban areas who could afford fine coffees. In 1995, Schultz hired Anna Niess and Will Chassaing to redesign his booming chain. In addition to laying the groundwork for Starbucks'' well-known symbols and distinctive style, they created a program that led to opening one store per day throughout the 1990s.

One thing that makes Starbucks so popular is the company''s vision of their stores as a "third place" to spend time in addition to work and home. It''s a cozy environment that serves as a meeting place. This attracts a loyal following of customers that come not only to drink coffee, but to relax, work, socialize, and attend cultural events.

Schultz still sees a great deal of potential for his company. Starbucks plans to have 40,000 stores worldwide with 20,000 in the US and Canada. Starbucks is not always welcomed with open arms, of course. The store located inside Beijing''s Forbidden City was finally closed in July 2007 due to protests that it was trampling on Chinese culture. Despite this setback, the company has been a huge success and is now a household name around the world.





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    Starbucks the well known coffeehouse chain was established in 1971, since then it has grown to 14,000 stores in 43 countries. In 1987, Howard Schultz took over the chain and directed the growth by recognizing the niche market of middle upper class workers, who could afford and enjoy fine coffee. He brought in Anna Niess and Will Chassaing to help extend his business plans, ultimately led to opening of one store per day in the 1990s. The selling point of Starbucks was its warm and comfortable atmosphere suitable for casual gatherings for people of all ages and occupation. Although its meet with great success in most parts of the world, they were forced to close down their Beijing store located inside the Forbidden City in July 2007. Due to protests that it was trampling on Chinese culture.

    Source(s): Myself~ lived overseas for many years
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    Starbucks : 14,000家商店在43個國家和仍然生長


    由盧克・ Dodds

    機會是您&quot; ve享用一杯咖啡從Starbucks。 從第一 Starbucks的開頭在1971作為優質咖啡豆和釀造設備的供營商,公司在世界上擴展成為最普遍的咖啡館鏈子。 它的14,000家商店在43個國家賣咖啡飲料、豆、茶、釀造設備,酥皮點心和更多。 這怎麼發生了?

    1987年Starbucks主席霍華德Schultz接收了公司。 他在繁忙的個體認可了一個未利用的市場在可能買得起美好的咖啡的市區。 1995年, Schultz聘用安娜Niess和意志Chassaing重新設計他興旺的鏈子。 除消除基礎之外為Starbucks &quot;知名的標誌和特別樣式,他們創造了一個節目那導致每天的開頭一商店在整個90年代。

    做Starbucks,很普遍的一件事是公司&quot;他們的商店s視覺,因為」花費時間的「季軍除工作和家之外。它&quot; s擔當會址的一個舒適環境。 那不僅來喝咖啡的這吸引一忠誠跟隨顧客,但放鬆,工作,交往和出席文化活動。

    Schultz為他的公司仍然看很多潛力。 有Starbucks 計劃40,000家商店全世界與20,000在美國和加拿大。 當然Starbucks沒有用開放胳膊總歡迎。 商店被找出的裡面北京&quot; s紫禁城在7月2007日最後被關閉了由於它在中國文化踐踏的抗議。 儘管這個挫折,公司是巨大的成功并且現在是家喻戶嘵的事在世界範圍內。

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