I am terribly interested in time-space. Pleast tell me all you know!!!

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    I love space and time so my answer is going to be long

    Ok, so lets start out with the fundementals. Where better to start than with how it all began? Lets talk about the big bang.

    The big bang scenario states that approximately 13.7 billion years ago, something happened that caused an explosion of infinite proportions. In that instance, the universe was created and therefore time started (becuase Einstein said that space and time were related) and all the energy in the universe was created. Within 1/10^35 of a second, there was this HUGE cosmic expansion that made the universe bigger. The expansion kept going, but not at that speed, so to this day the universe, and time, are continuing to expand. So anyway, after that the first atomic nuclei start forming. (they contain only protons and neutrons. electrons come later) Then after matter overcomes antimatter, the first atoms formed. Those atoms bonded and then we get the first self replicating molecule. From then on, there is a cosmic cooldown that lasts a couple billion years. Gases start to settle, and then the first stars start forming. After that, the first galaxies start forming. They later undegoe galactic evolution, and become the galaxies we know today.

    So now lets talk about space and time being woven together. In the 20th century, Albert Einstein completely changed our understanding of the universe. He came up with the theory of relativity. This states that space and time are woven in a delicate fabric so therefore when space is altered, time is altered too. Now we can get into the cool stuff. So when a massive object (such as the sun) exists in the universe, the gravatational pull from that object warps space, and creates somewhat of a ditch in space. When space is altered, time is altered too. So that means that time is warped when we get closer to the sun. Because the planet Mercury is close to the sun than the Earth, time there moves by at a completely different rate.

    And then you have the things that Einstein called "freaks of nature". They are known as the cosmic phenomenons that completely alter space, and question the very basis of scientific understanding. Black holes. These massive objects are so massive, that they rip space time. The gravatational pull of that black hole is infinite becuase there is a rip in space time. So anything that gets close to that thing is going to be sucked in by the gravity. Light will not be able to escape the immense gravatational pull. Remember these black holes for when I get into the "big freeze".

    Next, lets talk about the dimensions. There are four dimmensions (or so we consider to be) in our universe. Length, width, depth, and time. If you were to draw an infinitly flat, thin line on a piece of paper, you would create the first dimmension. Now add another line except it is coming out from the first line. You have now entered the second dimension by folding the first. Fold that dimmension, and you get depth. Fold that, and your object moved over a perios of time. Time is your fourth dimmension. There is this wonderful book that I just got through reading called "Imagining the 11th Dimmension". This book says that there are 11, rather than 4 dimmensions. Its a great read and if you are interested in this stuff, I highly recomend it.

    Now lets talk about infinity. What about defining infinity. Is that possible? I'll share my theory with you. I believe that-

    universe = time = infinity

    that is kind of adding to the theory of relativity. Lets think about it for a minute. Could anything be bigger than the universe? Could it exist if it was? No it couldn't because if it is outside the universe, time does not affect it, therefore it hasn't been created yet. So therefore infinity is the size of the universe which is equal to time. Its kind of confusing, but I think you'll get it.

    Now we can get into the fun stuff. Paralell universes. I had a friend way back in middle school and we talked about these things all the time. Scientists have not proven that there are such paralell universes, but it has been speculated that there actually are. Basically, these are universes other than out own. These universes could be the same or they could be opposite. Maybe in one universe, the big freeze happened before the big bang, and time actually moves backwards. Maybe there is no time in one. Time and space can only be explored to the maximum with thought.

    And now last but not least, the big freeze. The supposed extinction of the stars. The big freeze suggests that in about 100 billion years, dark matter will conquer the universe. Black holes will eat each other, and scenario a says that eventually they will swallow the universe (maybe the energy will escape making way for another big bang). And scenario b of the big freeze says that black holes will swallow everything but the universe, and the universe will continue to expand even as the stars go extinct.

    Hope that helped! I'm a huge science nerd especially when it comes to space and time.

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    Lol, good luck, i can't tell you much because u need to know what you want to talk about. Good luck, just hang out at these forums and read what people write.

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    WIKAPEEEEEDIAAAA! btw check out enstine's theory. how? google it!

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