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Airplane Waste?

When Does An Airplane Dump There Waste? Is It Like Before They Land Or When They Are Above Water?

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    It is not true that airplanes sometimes dump frozen toilet waste while in flight. That is only an urban legend, and not true in real life.

    Toilets on commercial airliners use storage tanks called "holding tanks" in the hull of the airplane to store the waste solution until it can be pumped out by a service truck. As a joke, these trucks are sometimes called "honey wagons."

    The service truck empties the holding tank and adds new blue solution when needed. The waste is finally pumped into a sewer or treatment plant. It's great when it all works right. If it works right, the crew chief gets the credit. If something goes wrong, it's the Captain's fault. Same as anything else on an airliner.

    Pleasant dreams!

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    There is a truck that pulls up along side of a Jetliner that evacuates (human) waste at about the same time that an airplane is being serviced with fuel and resupplied with food. The truck is something like the truck that services the septic tank at your house. The waste is then hauled off and dumped like any other type of human waste.

    In the Air Force we use to call those guys who took care of that Fleet Service.

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    "Airlines are not permitted to dump toilet waste. The waste is kept in tanks until landing and then the ground crew pumps out the tanks and hauls the waste to a treatment facility."

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    Sometimes on long flights, I piss into a bottle and tip it out the window. Crude but effective as the plane has no toilet. I try to do it away from populated areas as unsuspecting people might get a 'Golden Shower'.

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    there have been instances when blue ice (pee water) has fallen from the sky and crashed into homes. so they do some emptying in the air.

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