scorpio woman beter with a cancer man or a picses man?

what are the pros and cons to each?

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    Ok, there is no doubt that a scorpion woman would be a good match with either one, but being a scorpion, the woman will no doubt have to choose because being with two men at once is hard for anyone let alone a scorpion woman. It is just not in their scorpion nature.

    So who to choose? Well they are all water signs so emotionally no matter who you choose the man will be on the

    same level with you. Water signs are the most emotional of the zodiac so that will be a breeze, and either way you choose you will no doubt be good for the cancer or pisces man. As a scorpion you are stable and determined in your goals for life, both the cancer and pisces man will benefit from your stability and determination.

    Here are the differences. Cancers are very sensitive and moody. One minute they can be happy as a lark and the next minute they are acting like they are pissed off at the world. You as a scorpio usually can handle this moodiness because you are very rarely moody yourself, but if you prefer not to deal with it go with the Pisces.

    Cancers also love to stroke egos. They actually get a thrill at showering you with complements and making you feel like you are the queen of their world to him. You as a scorpio of course do not need such complements because you already have confidence in yourself, and if you choose the Pisces you probably won't get it, but that ok because you don't need it, but you certainly will still totally enjoy the attention you get from a cancer and their gift for ego building which is a plus! So if you want a man who acts like he sometimes worships you, go with the Cancer!

    Pisces will most generally understand you more so than a cancer, not to say that cancer will not understand you as well, because they do and will, but the pisces is just better at it. They will be totally devoted to you and only you, whereas with a cancer man, you will have to share him with his mama....there is no getting around this.

    Pisces tends to live in a dream world with no real motivation of his own unless he is one of those lucky Pisces that has found the special creative nitch in life that actually can bring in money with his creativity, which is always highly possible with a Pisces because they do have such a creative nature.

    They do tend to be good at making money if they have a scorpio or cancer behind them to keep them grounded and realistic about things, and as a scorpio you appreciate his dreamy ways, because you will keep him in check by keeping him grounded. The fact that he tends to be unmotivated will not be a really big deal to you because you have enough motivation for the both of you, unless his non-motivation gets in the way of your future plans, then it will cause a problem. Once again the choice is whether you really want to deal with it or not. So if you prefer not to have to deal with a man who has no motivation (unless of course your Pisces is making money as an artist or something of the sort) go with the Cancer.

    Pisces loves spending money, both on themselves and on others. They are not much for saving it. Cancerians on the other hand will wall paper the walls with money if the could!

    Cancers are very hard working and do tend to have motivation for themself. They like to have a nest egg (they are security hungry!) and will work hard to build up that security nest.

    Cancers are clingy. They tend to be all over you, hugging you, kissing you, always want to be in the same room with you. You as a Scorpio will totally love this, but it may be bothersome sometimes as well. Pisces are also very physically affectionate as well, but not to the extent as the Cancerian. Pisces will give you your space when it is needed, but that is kinda tough for the Cancerian. Cancerians will give you your space if it is needed though, albeit reluctanctly, and if you reject a Cancerians affections it will hurt their feelings. You will just need to assure them that they are not the reason for your rejection. As long the Cancerian is aware that you just need time to yourself and it has nothing to do with them, then they will usually accept that, but once again, if you prefer not to deal with their clingyness, then go with the Pisces.

    So there you go. Good luck.....this will be a tough decision!

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    Scorpio Woman And Cancer Man

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    Cancer man for sure. Pisces is a good match too though. Both options have good emotional potential and would go well with the Scorpio, but the Cancer would have a deeper connection. With a Pisces it would be too all over the place. A Cancer is a better rock for a Scorpio. I'm sure you could work out with both of the two, but I would bet my money on the Cancer/Scorpio match.

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    Actually which horoscope you are following, the English one or the Indian one- if you are following the Indian one then it goes like this - Capricorn - Taurus- Virgo- Earth elements Aquarius - Gemini- Libra- Air elements Aries- Leo- Sagittarius- Fire elements Pisces- Cancer- Scorpio- Water elements they go very much happy together.

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    As a Scorpio woman, I'd have to say neither! I've dated both and each had more cons than pros in the end. Cons for Cancer were miserly (stingy), overly sensitive, clingy, needy, attention-seeking, moody, selfish. Pros for Cancer were healthy sexual appetite, great cook, good companionship (movies, amusement parks, etc.), and romantic. Cons for Pisces were indecisive, arrogant, roving eye (and penis), lazy, sports addicted, terrible listener and non confrontational. Pros for Pisces were protective (physically), funny and fun-loving. Good luck with either in my humble opinion!

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    no one can go as deep into intense emotion with a scorpio woman as a pisces man. a cancer man is limited by his attachment to family, and friends. a pisces man just goes with whatever. stability? choose cancer. range? choose pisces. personal preference, that's all. but the cancer man can never understand you as well as a pisces man can. pisces is the 12th, the end. the one sign that can understand all others. individual preference. the only sign that can truly understand scorpio, though, is pisces.

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    The hair stood up on my neck just thinking about the combinations with all that Water.

    Sensitivity, moodiness, grouchiness, manipulation....Yuck!

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