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Survey: When your baby gets another year older, is it normal to feel a bit depressed?

My girl is turning 6 tomorrow and will be starting first grade in September. Good God, where did the time go?


Oh, I was kinda sad in February when my boy turned two. I am DONE having kids. God bless the ones who can handle a house full. It's not me.

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    This is only a mild depression. Wait until she turns 30, like mine.

  • Eileen
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    I walked out of the elementary school last week with my son and realized - that was our last time walking out of there. He will be in junior high next year. I almost fell apart.

    It is incredibly emotional. My baby boy turns 11 y.o. in 17 days. It hasn't gotten easier thus far and I think it never will.

    Big hugs for you for being such a great parent.

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    I often feel like this, my son has not long turned 5 and it's just like 'where have those 5 years gone?' I get afraid that I'm gonna forget his younger years (it feels like the baby years just flashed by) and really just don't want him to get any older....selfish maybe, but understandable imo.

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  • Anonymous
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    My dear Watermelon..

    I am about to be a Grampie.. yes it's normal to feel... depressed.

    Where does the time go indeed..

    (Yahoo spell check has derivatives of Grammy.. but only Grumpy, grumps..etc for the male counterpart.. I'm thinking of lodging a discrimination suit... sigh)

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    It is a bitter sweet moment. The time does fly by far too fast. Happy Birthday to your baby girl, she will always be your baby no matter how old she gets.

  • Anonymous
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    Most people say that they feel sad because it means that when their kids get a year older that they are getting a year older.

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    it's always sad. and every year on the first day of school, i'd be a crying mess. even now, my daughter's 27, i still cry when she leaves on a trip. or maybe it's the fact that i'm 52...that's another reason to feel like cryin'!

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    Yes, it's normal. My son is turning 5 in July and he will be going to Kindergarten. Where did the time go is right?! Best of luck to you guys.

    PS.......Hope she has a nice birthday!! :)

  • Starr
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    Getting older is a good thing. There is only one alternative to growing old.

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