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What Football Position should i play? High School Freshman. Please Help Me.?

I am 5'8 224 pounds with fat and muscle. I am 15 years old trying out for 9th grade high school football. I can sprint very fast. I'm pretty strong. I have really bad endurance/stamina when it comes to non-stop long runs. I run out of breath very easy in long runs. What position should i play?

People has been saying Defensive End but what exactly does a Defensive End do? Do they run alot and is it a hard position?

I can get stronger and lose weight, i am a member of a gym.

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    Ask the coaches. They can give you better advice than anyone here who has never seen you play or what the other players are on your team. The can also tell you what positions are needed for the team. If they are already have plenty of players at that position, you would have to really standout to have a chance to play. See what the needs are before you say that is the position you want to play. By talking to them, you would also be showing them that you value their advice which they like and shows them you are interested in the team.

    If you went to the coach and told him you chose the position you want to play based upon what someone suggested to you on Yahoo answers, you will be running a lot of laps.

    Good luck.

  • Not trying to be mean but if you don't know what a defensive end is than you need to read all about football and the positions are. I am in the same exact position as you. I am going to start camp it a few weeks and i am trying out for TE and DE. For defensive end, you are placed at the end of the defensive line and you have to get through the offensive line to sack the QB obvious. you also might be called to cover a player. Again not trying to be mean, if you already know this stuff, but i am trying to make it as detailed as possible. If you can get stronger you would be good at DE. You have to run and no matter what position you play you need to gain a lot of endurance. You should run in your yard about every 2 hours a day thats what i try to do because i lose my breathe easily too. And plus during practices and camps you will have to run a lot. DE is probably your best bet. And since you are a member of a gym just get on the tredmil as much as you can. Good luck i hoped this helped

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    The position you play now might not be where you end up as you get older, but based on what you say it sounds a lot like either Offensive or Defensive line. Defensive End is a great position to play. You don't have to run great distances, but you do have to go full speed in short bursts over and over again. If you are quick like you say then this could be a great position for you play. You'll get to rush the QB and get sacks! But you also have to be smart and be able to play against the run.

    The position with the LEAST amount of running has to be offensive line though....usually either guard or center. You can be great at one of those positions but you'll get no glory and it might not be as fun as playing defense where you run a little more, but you get to make tackles and sack the QB.

    Be sure to ask your coaches what they think you would be best at. They'll respect that. Then you have to work hard at it to get in shape.

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    Ok don,t listen to the guy under me. I'm a freshman to and have been playing for a long time. You should probably be a Defensive end. They are the last player on the line and have to ether push or run passed the guy blocking you you run for about ten yards and takle the guy with the ball in the backfield. Good luck p.s you coach will problaby put you in the best spot.

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    You are going to have to gain endurance to play high school football for any position outside of a punter/field goal kicker. I would work towards a line job--it sems to fit your body type. Don't overlook the the O line or even a D tackle position as you grow.

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    uhh okay. Race is not put in a consideration when it comes to being in the NFL or any major league sports for that matter. So the fact that you are white is out of question. Your physical power and knowledge of football, I think you will very good prospect. Don't worry about whether you will make it in to the NFL. If you put your heart and soul in to what you love, your opportunity will surely come. GOOD LUCK!!

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    Hey man when i went into freshmen year i was the same way.

    I would say DT

    DE ( defensive end) Not hard but you need to be quick on your feet

    OT ( offensive Tackle) I played this my freshmen year fun but you need to be very alert and have alot of leg power


    But to really be good at this sport you need to work on your endurence

    you might have asthema

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    Offensive line. probably center or gaurd. I find it hard to belive that you are a good sprint runner when you are that big. Not d-end because if someone gets past you with the ball you might end up running down the whole feild.

    Good luck

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    i think defensive end would be prefect for you.

    Defensive end is just a linemen that is at the end of the line.

    you just have to try and get through the offensive linemen. try to sack the QB or Running back just try to stop the play.

    Trust me Deffense is alot better than offense

    Dfense you get to hit more people

    by the way deffense wins games!!!

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    dude quarter back no 1st time playing qb would not be a good choice and you have to be able to see over the line if ur outta shape and what no runing back or reciver try full back or line backer

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