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larry bird or bill russell?

russell. hard to argue with 11 championships in 13 seasons.


good point about the blocks catdag00.

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    Bird is the better player n i like both but im goin wit Bird

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    Larry Bird all the way! Larry was not just a amazing scorer but he could do anything have u ever seen the kinds of passes he has made, and the rebounds. Besides the point he is a amazing clutch shooter. If the Celtics were ever loosing Larry would always win it 4 them weather it was a 3 pointer or even a steal with 3 sec 2 go in the NBA finals 2 Johnson. Larry Bird will always b the best Celtics player!

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    Larry Bird

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    not even close...its Bill Russel. 11 championships, 8 straight and averaged 25 rebounds a game. My goodness lol

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    When judging this one you need to keep in mind that block shot wasn't keeped then,or Russell records would be off the charts he was the greatest defensive center period.

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    Bird, easily.

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    "Celtic's icon"...Russell

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