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What percentage of Vegetarians are male?

I'm convinced I'm the only straight male vegetarian. I get picked on for it a lot.

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    From my real life experience I'd say It's about 60% female /40% male. in general these forums attract mostly women. If you want to meet more people join a local veggie society or go to farmers markets and food coops.

    I'm a 52yo vegetarian and I'm straight

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    My husband is a straight male. He is 36 and he has been a vegan for 14 years. He is 6 feet tall, and 175 lbs. He's got a great stomach and nice pecks thanks to veggies and Kenpo Karate.

    I know 2 more straight male vegetarians so add 3 more to your list.

    I think that more men would be vegetarians if they didn't connect manliness to eating meat. A lot of guys think they have to take a huge glob of bloody steak and swallow it whole to prove how manly they are.

    I personally think that it takes a real man to take a stand for the animals. A vegetarian or vegan man has the strength to abstain from cruel food and the self control to not give in to our societies weird hang up with meat.

    And it is only a myth that vegetarian men are weak and pail. My husband can throw someone heavier than him onto the floor in Karate and I know he would defend me no matter what.

    The love he gives me is so pure and true. No one has ever given me that kind of love before. He is the only vegetarian I have ever been with. It makes me think that maybe he loves in a way that only a vegetarian man can love.

    When I think about how some men aren't bothered by the suffering of innocent animals, I wonder how they could love a woman. How could they have such little regard for innocent animals and then turn around and be humane and loving to their wife or girlfriend.

    Does that help at all?

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    I'm a straight vegetarian. From the studies i've read from the US the going estimate for male vegetarians in the US populace (including females) is between 1.5 and 2%. I know one other straight vegetarian male, the others are gay.

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    A straight male vegetarian... that sounds sexy to me! And yes, I'm a female.

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  • manda
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    This is old data, but from :

    According to a 1992 Yankelovich study commissioned by Vegetarian Times, of the 12.4 million people who call themselves vegetarian, 68 percent are female while only 32 percent are male.

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    I love you!

    You are awesome for being vegetarian. There should be more guys like you! It's not a feminine thing at all!

  • Dyan O
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    No there are alot of straight male veretarians. Ted dansan from cheers is a vegetraian. along with many athlethes Edwin Moses and more and more football players are going vegetarian. heres a site with lots of famous vegtarians.. Your not alone.

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    count me in.

    heterosexual.. married to a female meat eater and i don't preach what i practice.

    and i'm not build like a 'veggie head' so they say.. whatever that is suppose to imply.

    seems folks think vegetarians are twig people with no desernable genitals.

    ha! fooled them....

    (no one picks on me.. i'm too big for them to run from ahahhaha... ok.. NUFF of that.)

    Source(s): vegetarian (the strictest kind... almost vegan but not, sorry can't do that... ) for 25 years.
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    I am straight, male and a vegetarian so nope there are atleast two of us.

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    49.675% and thats all together straights its 11.713

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