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Should they allow Jim Wolf umpire the games that his brother, Randy Wolf pitches?

Today, June, 1, 2008, San Francisco Giants, are playing the San Diego Padres and Jim Wolf, a Major League Baseball Umpire is umpiring a game that Randy Wolf, a Major League Baseball Pitcher is pitching. Do you think they should allow Jim Wolf umpire games that Randy Wolf is playing/pitching?

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    I don't think it should be allowed.

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    i disagree but this is what i found on wiki

    "Wolf has an older brother Jim Wolf who is a Major League Umpire. To avoid a potential conflict of interests, Jim Wolf is not allowed to work behind the plate for games his brother pitches.


  • Yes they should let him umpire those games, though I don't think he should be allowed to be the plate umpire when Randy pitches. Jim knows that this is his job and he is paid to be a neutral party, so I don't see him calling the game in favor of anybody because of the fact that he's a professional. Not that it really matters in a game versus the Giants and the Padres though.

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    maybe not behind home plate. also its not really about if Jim would calling a fair game it's just about avoiding any doubts or any perception of conflict of interest from the other players and the fans. there's plenty of other umpires that can call the game.

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  • There is a definite conflict of interest and an umpire shouldn't be allowed to officiate any game in which he has a relative on the team whether that player is in the game or not.

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    Jim Wolf is a respectable umpire, I believe he'll do his job. In the back of his head I'm sure he'll be rooting for his brother, but he'll still keep it fair.

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    I dont think he should be allowed to be the home plate umpire and call balls and strikes, because of the conflict of interest, but if he's umping elsewhere I think that would be okay.

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    yeah i dont think its a problem

    they probably dont have a grudge against each otehr and most likely becuase they dont both do the same EXACT thing they probbaly have lost some ocntact over the years so its probably almost neutral

    i dont see any problems

    do you?

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    As long as he isnt behind the plate sure!!

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