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Where can i learn the basics of the basics of how to buy and sell on the stock market?

Hey guys im brand new to all this investing stuff and want to invest around 500 dollars to start out to see what i want to invest in. Any ideas? Im thinking the stock market but i know nothing about it. i have a few books on it but they are too confusing cause i dont know anything about it. Or any other ideas for investing?

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    Stocks or Mutual Funds would be great. I use and recommend the Motley Fool group. They have some 101 investing articles that provides information on how to buy low / sell high. Their Champion Funds Guide (Mutual Funds), Hidden Gems (High potential Growth stocks) or Income (established companies like Proctor and Gamble) are great articles to look at. You can subscribe for free for 30 days which is great. Get the info, close out and let things grow.

    Overall Mutual Funds are probably the easiest form of investment with little effort from you. Depending on what you are saving for ROTH IRAs are great. They grow tax free. WHen you establish a fund, you tell the investment firm that you want it to be a ROTH and they will set it up. You can set aside $5k a year for a ROTH which is great.

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    Stock market can be a great source of income if you can trade wisely. Wise trading means that the investors are guided by wit and knowledge. The trade can be a real hell for the ones who take it as a gambling and go on staking their money randomly on the stocks. If you are making investments randomly, there is a very small chance that you will gain. Frequently, the little that you gain would be consumed in paying fee to the stock broker. Now the question arises, what do you need to know before you trade stocks?

    There are lots of books available in the market that tells you about the shares, the share market and about other related topics. Before stepping into the share market you should read at least a few of them. The Internet also provides you a vast amount of information on every aspect of the stock trade. Such huge amount of the information available can sometimes be confusing to you. But use your brain to judge what, from the information provided, is required for you and rule out the confusing part as undesired. If you want to escape from the pain of acquiring knowledge, investing in the stock market would be just as good as throwing your money into the dustbin.

    You should also know about yourself, i.e. what kind of an investor you are. Some people study the market more subtly whereas some others merely take an overall knowledge of the various aspects. Also see how much money you have to trade with and what is your source that gives you money for investing. If you are taking the stock trade as a full-time income and it is your only source of income, you will have to modulate your investment and trading strategy, so you can support yourself. If the stock trade is your part-time income, you must know exactly how much your source of income allows you to invest. It is often better to invest amounts you can manage to lose, comfortably, so that you do not come under pressure. For, the higher pressure you are under, the greater is your chance to lose.

    The common term related to the stock exchange is yet another thing you need to know before investing. The terms such as bull, bear, pig etc. are the commonly used ones in the stock market. For example, the bull represents the investors that always expect the stocks to rise in their value and the bear represents the group that expects the opposite. This means that the bulls in the market have a positive attitude whereas the bears are always negative. Knowing these terms would be a great help for you when you go out to trade. After this, you want to know about the stock brokers. Do you want a full-service broker or a discount broker? Do you want an online stock broker or a traditional one? Analyze your trading strategy and decide finally, take some trading tips from the successful traders known to you.

    Try the below url:

    For New visitors, it has extensive information available like:

    How do I get started?

    How do I fund my account to buy stock?

    and Investing section gives information like:

    How does the stock market work?

    What are the risks and advantages of investing in the stock market?

    How do I choose what to buy?

    What are some tips for beginning investors?

    This article gives good info on How to buy stocks online ?

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    FREE RESOURCES is the best free stock market "school" for beginners. is the best free resource for beginners in forex.

    On both of these sites you can open "demo" accounts where you can try out investing in each for free and see how you like it, before you start risking your own hard-earned money.

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    Check here for some good info:

    Good Luck!

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