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What has the feminist movement achieved in modern times (1970-present)?

I am teaching the class about the feminist movement and women's rights in general. What have they achieved in the modern era? please include anything political (such as affirmative action).

where could I search for such info.


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    Please do feminist and your class a favor; have someone else teach it. You are not qualified to do so if you ask for assistance on yahoo answers. Or did they teach you this in college?

    Source(s): Refuse to answer your question with facts out of fear you would actually try to teach it.
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    Misanthrope probably has it right, but I'll be nice.

    In 1970, certain academic courses in grades K-12 were commonly segregated by sex. For example, shop and electronic classes were only open to young men. Young women got to take home economics (cooking, sewing, polishing nails). Ask anyone older than 50 who went to a public school.

    Laws against sexual harrassment and gender discrimination in the workplace have been passed and re-affirmed (lately, there appears to be significant backtracking on gender discrimination). It's strictly forbidden now to offer promises of promotion in return for sexual favors or hinder the career of anyone who refuses sexual advances. This wasn't the case in 1970.

    Laws against rape typically no longer allow a case to be dismissed because "she asked for it," dressed attractively or whatever. A woman who says "no" is assumed to mean it.

    Affirmitive action brought great advances in employment for women entering traditionally male fields, particularly "hard sciences" (math, physics) engineering and medicine.

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    I think it's done alot to engender strife between men and women, and it has taught women to be discontented with the task of raising our kids and seek after something "better" (meaning, something with a paycheck). I also think that it was at least partially responsible for the sexual revolution, and *that* has caused so much trouble it's just not even funny. I almost think that the revolution hurt women more than feminism has.

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    lots of hatred

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