Where can I buy Panko bread crumbs?

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I don't see it in any of my local grocery stores.
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The big grocery stores carry them. Look in the Asian isle, or ask the store. I never have trouble finding them. In the U.S., Safeway, and Albertsons both carry them.
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  • samantha answered 6 years ago
    Did you check both the bread crumb aisle and the Asian food aisle - some stores will carry it in one or the other. Otherwise you may have to go to an Asian food store if there's one in your area. I've found them right at my local Kroger but I know all stores are different.
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  • Darren answered 6 years ago
    I can find panko at any of the grocery stores in my area-Vancouver.. Usually it's in the asian foods aisle. Comes in a small box (like crackers)
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  • green answered 6 years ago
    Check here,
    You will find what you like!
    Good luck!
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