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How can I find my pet a better home?

I am in a pickle. I can't keep my 2 dogs which are 1 female pekingese and a female mountain dog. I can't keep them because my mom and dad are divorcing and because of my moms financial status. Since some people don't belive me or sometimes don't understand me correctly I am going to say what I mean by it. 1.My parents are divorcing and my mom doesn't have much money. 2.My mom can barely count some pennies to get 1 gal. of gas to take me to school 3.Since we don't have much money, when we run out of dog food I have to beg my dad,which yells at me for everything. 4. I need to sell them so I can give my mom the money,because she really needs it. And I know the dogs will be better off with another family because I sold a pom a month ago and they take her to the grommers every Sat. and have her inside and all that. So... how could I find my dog a home?


the same way i found the pom a home is the same way i am tryinng but nobody calls or anything selling the pom was tough i took me 4wks

Update 2:

i can have a computer because i got it way back and my mom has it on credit which the bills keep pileing on

Update 3:

im sorry but im not advertising here im just asking for some tips of what i can do

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    I'm sorry to hear about your situation. You could try craigslist, but you never know what kind of person may respond. You want a good, forever home for your pet, and sometimes it's difficult to determine whether or not the person who you're giving the dog to is going to be the loving, responsible owner that your pups deserve. If you have a no kill shelter in your area, I would suggest calling them. In Columbia, SC, we have a place called PETS Inc. who do amazing work with homeless animals, and find them great homes. If you have a way to get around, make up some fliers with pictures of your dogs, put them up everywhere, and definitely ask any dog grooming shops in your area if they will put them up. I'm sure they'd be really helpful. Or if you can't get around, give them a call and see if you could email them pictures to put up. Good luck, I hope you find them both great homes.

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    Become a foster parent for your dogs. Most shelters will let you keep the dog while they list it as an adoptable pet. Most shelters are very particular about who they let adopt dogs and you can meet the people yourself. Your dog would get to be with you and not in a shelter which is a plus. I don't know if you would get any money out of it but your dog would be in a great home and to me, a fellow dog lover, that is the most important part. I got my dog from a a foster parent and we still have contact. We send the family pictures and updates about the dog. We meet them at parks. Dogs are family members and I know how hard this must be for you.

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    I don't know if you will be able to sell your dogs quickly, but there are breed rescues out there that may be able to help you place your dogs in foster or adopt them out to prescreened families.

    I attached a link to a pekingese rescue, but I couldn't find one for the mountain dog since there are several different kinds of mountain dogs.

    I'm sorry your family is going through a tough time. Good luck!

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    I'm guessing you are in the US (you call it "gas" rather than "petrol" ;) ). Are there any rescue centres near you?

    I've starred in the hope that some of my contacts see this and can give you more advice.

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  • i might be able to help. contact me.

    i just e mailed Berner Mom for you. she's in my contacts.

    i spotted Berner Lover on another question and e mailed her as well.

    i have a berner x and just started my own little shelter/re homing center.

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    put up flyers in stores and stuff, also some newspapers might be sympaphatic for ur situation and will let you run a free ad

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    put ads in the paper or send them to the nearest animal shelter

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    Put adds in vets office and newspaper.

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    i have starrred this cause there is a lady on here who has a mountain dog and maybe can help you ..

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    Google it

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