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i'm having problems with g.f brother's ,he just dont want us to be together anytime what can i do ????

he just doesnt want me and my g.f to stay to gether or talk about what we want....what can i do to make me and my g.f to feel free and talk what we want?help me please

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    Well, for starters, how long have you and your girlfriend been together? Have you done anything that would make your girlfriends brother not like you?

    Brothers in general are going to be protective over their sisters no matter who the guy is, and until you gain their respect it will be hard for them to trust you.

    Your girlfriend should to have a talk with her brother and explain to him that she really likes you and wants to be with you. She should let him know that she loves him and thanks him for wanted to take care of her, but that you aren't harming her.

    Also, maybe you can sit and have a talk with him- so he can see that you are being a man. Let him know that you understand that he is protective of his sister and that he should be- explain you are grateful for that because you wouldn't want anything to happen to her either. Talk to him man to man and let him know that you would never hurt her...

    Once you gain her brother's respect, things should be a little easier... good luck to you hun and I hope I have helped!

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    blood is thicker than water. respect the brother and don't get luvy duvy around him. Keep your conversations with girlfriend private. The brother could be jealous that's rember thats his sis and possibly best friend. try to keep hands of sister and keep personal convo's personal. Alone with your g.f.

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    It's funny but it really isn't any of your buisness until your gf brings it up in a conversation with you. This is between her and him. If you directly engage with her brother all kinds of bad things can evolve and for what? Do you really think you'll change his mind with discussion?

    One more thing, be respectfull always, no matter what.

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    Maybe he's a protective brother. You should just talk to him and assure him that your intentions towards his sister are honorable {hopefully they are} And that you will not hurt her in any way. If he cares abut his sister, he'll want her to be with someone who will treat her well and make her happy.

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    What you and your GF do isn't up for approval, only the test of love is important. If he doesn't like your relationship, tough phooey.

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    Tell your bf what he is doing. I am sure he would not like the interference from his brother in this matter...

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