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i'm fat, short and ugly. help me?

well firstly im 18, live in houston with my grandparents (parents dead). i blame god for everything that has ever happened to me in life. i have no education, no job i just sit at home eating and watching tv. i'm not good in school coz i had a lot of abuse both racial and against my weight during my time. i pray to god but no answer, i pray to my parent no answer i cry every night and then nothing. what should i do ?

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    I'm really sorry about your life. That must be horrible. Trust me, I didn't have the greatest life growing up either; but it got better.

    Listen..I'm not that much of a religious person, but I respect others views. It's just that, you can't blame god for everything..Sometimes that's just life, unfortunatly.

    I was adopted, my parents didnt even want me, but I have really wonderful people who did adopt me and become my parents, do I'm thankful for that..

    But what you should do is see about taking some courses online. That's what many people do now-a-days. Find an online school in your area..You can call them and meet up with them etc.

    And what you need to do is breathe, and set some goals..


    1. Get up, in a happier mood

    2. Realize that it's not too late, I can turn my life arond (even though its hard as hell

    3. Lets being on a proper diet..Might as well, right? (exercise included)

    4. Start having more self confidence in myself, depsite all of the horrible things that people have said and done to me, because we're all different and beautiful in our own way (and i guarantee there's someone out there who would just adore you for who you are)

    5. You have to try and..not let go, but move on from all that's happen..And say Today, is a new day, a new begining and a new life.

    It won't happen in a snap, but if you work towards it every day, you'll get there.

    And maybe you have a close relative or friend that can help you through this? It will be easier for you if you have someone to help you through it all.

    You can do it, okay? I know this..Trust me. I've been through ****..My mom too, and she's the strongest person I've ever met.

    But, if you'd like to talk I have msn..just email me

    You just have to have a positive attitude, even though you feel drowsy, lonely, depressed, hurt..

    And, I'm really glad that you asked for help, that's the first and a really big step to take, so big ups to you!

    Take care, and I know you can do this!

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    Be pro-active.

    Being short, theres really not much you can do about.. (i'm short too)..

    If you feel that you are overweight, rather than sitting and eating and watching tv, get up - and go for a walk! Or, ask your grandparents if there are any chores (or extra chores) that you can help out with around the house. I'm sure they'd love the help, and I know that when I help somebody out I feel good about myself. Not only that, but you'll be up and moving around.

    Start small, by doing the things i mentioned above you'll be taking the first steps that you need to take.

    Maybe you can make a list of REASONABLE small goals that you'd like to accomplish. After you get used to helping out around the house a little more, maybe you can look for a part time job. Theres usually a lot of oppertunities for employment at places like grocery stores, gas stations, etc...that do not require too much of an education.

    Do you have a high school education? If not, look into getting it! If you've got a high school education and you WANT to further you're education, go for it! Maybe you can work for a while to save up money for school..

    I'm not sure of you're exact situation, so I cant write everything out for you. You need to figure out what you want, and then do what you need to do to get it.

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    Im sure your not fat short and ugly. Face it you were good enough to be born and god created you so sometimes your not listening close enough not always does the answer come from god directly but he make other beings show you the answer. Dont let anybody tell you their better than you because you know what you are being the better person by not doing that to someone else who already has a hard enough life. You can go back to school its not to late or hire a pruvate tudor, maybe your grandparents will understand. You need to get out of the house and stop feeling sorry for your self sometimes you do need to forgive and forget. Unless you want to live in the streets when your grandparent die you better do something. Also try excersizing more for loss of weight and im sure being short is an attractive quality for most people and there is no such thing as ugly if there was god would have made us all ugly.

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    Ok, first man, you need to get your education, an education is way to important, you need to go to maybe a local college or go somewhere you can get the rest of your education. Also, just at night run around the block or while your watching tv instead of eating do pushups and situps during the commercials. You can't use that racial excuse even if it's true. I am a quarter black south african, native indian and half white. Last year my teacher would always say degrating things and no matter how hard i did, i would always geta 50. This year, i've been on the honour roll all 4 terms, so its your job to ignore those haters, lol listen to that haters everywhere we go track by b.o.b and you will understand. And also, to get a job, don't wear those thug pants and gang stuff, owners hire people who they think will make a difference in their company. Start off little, like a local Mcdonalds or something small. For your weight, order hip hop abs. I live in canada and i tried hip hop abs for one week and i can already see a difference. Just do that, or if you do make up your mind and you go back to a community college take a course for getting into shape. No matter of the ups and downs, you can accomplish anything. From the sounds of stuff, your black right. Well, from me being mixed most ppl think im half black because my black genes is dominate, and your dominate so just try to make it man, even if one job doesn't except you just keep going back to other ones and eventually you'll get you priorites straight.

    Good luck I hope i helped

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    First off, you are only 13, so you have a lot of changes that your body is going to do within the next decade. Especially within height, weight, and face areas. Secondly, you are perfect weight for your height, and it looks even more perfect on you (judging by the picture). You are not ugly at all, and if you feel you are, then maybe just wear a little bit of make up or even just cut your hair a new way. Thirdly, please try and build up your self confidence. You shouldn't worry about what others think, because it is your happiness that you should worry about, not others. Exterior beauty fades, meanwhile inner beauty is what sticks with you the longest. :) I know it sounds like typical advice, but sometimes the most typical advice is the advice we need the most.

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    You need to stop blaming god - that's not going to help you in the slightest.

    Talk to someone, perhaps a close friend or a relative. You seem extremely depressed.

    I went through something very similar to yourself and ended up hating myself. I never went out for months on end because I thought i was fat when in fact i was underweight. I lost a lot of my friends in the process. The only thing that I found helped me was realization that I needed to take charge of my life and stop relying on others. You need to remember that this life is yours, only you can change the way its going. If your getting bullied, you need to sort it out yourself. You cant let the bullies win, they want you to fail. So go out there, get job and an education. Most of all get yourself some confidence!! Your not fat and ugly so never think that about yourself.

    Good luck x

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    Change your perception....bury your's dead and for the present moment...remember the famous quote :"you can if you think you can"....firstly, don't be a couch potato...keep moving...go out to people where you can pursue a career...try to engage in a physical activity or better cardiovascular activity for 60 minutes a day...look here there's nobody in this world ugly...everyone are beautiful in one or other say you're short...this may be due to genetics you can't do anything about just forget right now build ur confidence and don't worry be happy...u're absolutely important for your country!!!!

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    First: sorry for your loss. Losing your parents early is horrible.

    Second: if you believe in God, be thankful to od for your Grandparents. (and while you're at it, thank your Grandparents).

    Third: you can "blame" anyone you wish (God, kids at school, etc...), but that doesn't make anything better. I know things "should be" fair and just, sadly, it just isn't always that way. We have to make the best of every situation, we can't change everything, only how we react to it. Life is just to dynamic.

    Forth: you have a long, hard road ahead of you with lots of work to do. But truth is, it is just as long and hard if you continue to just sit at home and do nothing.

    Finally: come up with a plan of action. You're on this site asking for help so you must want change. Now just plan it, then ACT on it. Diet, exercise (you will NEVER be perfect, nobod is, despite what the media tries to convince you of). Go back to school, what ever school that is, educate yourself, homeschool is fine IF you have a lot of motivation and external help, you don't. Go to community college if available... WHATEVER it takes. Try to see a counselor (if you go to school, they are available there). if not, talk to your "religious" leader... but you need some help... we all do, there is no shame in it, you lost your parents, you need some help, that's all. I know it is hard to not react to others abuse, but that won't stop... there are always mean people who want to hurt others. Find the not-so-mean people, they ARE there, you just have to focus on them. It is ok to cry, maybe someday it will slow down, just don't let that overtake your life. Cry, get it over with, work hard.

    There is good and bad everywhere, it is just a matter of which one you focus on. God or not, it is your life. There is plenty of beauty in the world, it is yours to enjoy.

    Good Luck and Be safe.

    Source(s): Study a Martial Art. It doesn't matter if you are ever Great, just trying is enough, use your body. Enjoy nature, hike if you can. Help others, volunteer somewhere.
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    hey, you know the truth is that we can pray...and pray..and pray. but never get any results. Us saying in our head, or at the top of our lungs, HELP ME GOD! is not going to change anything.

    I am sorry for the loss of your parents, i can in no way imagine how you must feel. But what i can imagine, is that you are not happy with yourself, but are not doinganything about it.

    You say your fat- what do you do, you eat? Does that help ? no. you know it doesnt. Praying wont make you skinny, you need to decide that, "from now on,i will be healthy and i will excerises even if my body cries."

    You say you have no education, because of bullying. How man stories are there of people who say that bullying made them a stronger person? DO NO MISS YOUR LIFE AND YOUR OPPORTUNITIES SO THAT OTHERS CAN GET THEM. fullstop. Ask yourself, Do i want to have an education? YES!!! Go to school and be confident, stand up for youself and gain respect.

    Blaming others is easy for us to do. Because then we feel as if we are victims in this life. Well, whats so good about being a victim who gives up? Take responsibility to make your own life better. Its up to you now. If God doesnt answer back, dont WAIT> Get out there are Change wha you dont like.

    There are so many times when i say the EXACT same thing as you, short,fat and ugly. but you know what? I take a moment, i cry and then i get up again and get on with my life.

    Being abused is not something that we can pretend is easy to get over, but truth is you NEED to fight back for yourself.

    You only have one life, why live it unsatisfied?

    I believe you can do more. Prove everyone who hurt you wrong and become great!!

    M.Q x

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    Short And Fat

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