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i keep getting cold sores?

I keep getting cold sores now and for the past like month i have had three..can any one tell me why and how i can stop them please. They are really getting irritating


is there like any medication or something i can take to prevent them coming?

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    Cold sore outbreaks can actually be triggered by stress and fatigue. If you've been stressed out in your life recently, it would be a good idea to relax and do what you can to eliminate the stress in your life.

    As a preventative measure, I recommend Carmex lip balm. It's available in most drug stores. I use it regularly and no longer have problems with cold sores. I make sure to apply it once or twice a day if things are particularly stressful in my life or I'm under the weather. I've also found it effective at keeping cold sores away when I feel the tingling of a cold sore starting. Sure, you end up with a bit of balm on your face, but it's a small price to pay for avoiding a cold sore altogether!

    Treating during the tingling stage is most effective. While most people feel the tingling, it's been my experience that cold sores can also turn up following a dry skin sensation. If the cold sore has started to appear or developed fully, Abreva, while expensive, can clear sores up very quickly. I find it usually works within two days for me. I don't recommend Abreva as an early preventative measure just because it's so expensive -- $15 for a very small amount, whereas Carmex costs only $1.29 and you get five times as much.

    Carmex really has been fantastic for me. I find that not only is it wonderful for keeping away cold sores, it also clears up any minor skin irritations I have. I have very sensitive skin and keep several tubes of Carmex around so I always have one close at hand.

    If you find that you still develop cold sores or that your cold sores are severe and you get sick frequently, you may want to see a doctor, as frequent cold sores (and being sick frequently in general) can indicate a problem with your immune system.

    Another possible trigger for cold sores not frequently mentioned is sudden change in climate. I used to get cold sores a lot when travelling between places that had vastly different temperatures and humidity. It was always either travelling or stress in my life that caused sores to appear. Since I started paying attention to these things and keeping Carmex on hand, I have been outbreak-free.

    Hope this helps you resolve your problem!

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    Cold sores are cuased by one of the herpes simplex viruses - just like genital herpes.

    Your immune system keeps the herpes virus dormant most of the time, but when your immune system is low, it can surface.

    Things that can trigger them include:

    -having a cold,flu or other infection

    -being generally run down and tired

    -sunlight on the lips

    -diet (chocolate and sugar are known triggers;a diet high in veg helps prevent them)

    So I would say get plenty of sleep, take a good look at your diet and general health, and wear a sunscreen on your lips if it is hot where you are.

    If you are after medication, topical creams only do so much. You can ask your doctor for valtrex or oral zovirax, which can be prescribed for oral herpes but is more commonly used ot prevent outbreaks of genital herpes. I have genital herpes hsv-1 (same virus as you but different location). I use valtrex and it works magic. You don't need to take the tablets every day, but if you take them when you feel the first warning of an outbreak starting, and carry on taking them for 2-5 days, it is like magic. I generally only have to take 2-3 tablets, and even if some soreness or swelling has already started, the drugs make it go again. It is definitely worth it - and if I had oral herpes instead I'd be even more inclined to take it, then I owuldn't have to be seen with a big cold sore.

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    You must be really run down.

    I used to get cold sores all the time but my husband gave me this mouth wash to use (sounds weird but I was willing to try anything)

    The brand is Neways International, google it. The product is eliminator mouthwash.

    It dries up the skin, (not too much) if you use it when you have a coldsore it will heal quicker, and if you use it even when you dont they dont come at all.

    I used to have them continually and had tried everything,nothing worked.

    I use the mouthwash and its now been 2 years!

    Please give it a go you wont regret it.

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    Here's help for cold sores also known as herpes labialis.

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    When you feel it's coming, put an ice cube (my mom keeps a metal spoon in her freezer all the time) on top of it,

    it makes it disappear..

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    Topical medication as Zovirax ointment eases the pain and can help speed recovery when blisters appear.

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