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London Underground Safe?

We are going on a family holiday soon to Great Yarmouth. On the way, we will be using the Tube to get from Kings Cross Station to Liverpool Street Station.

My daughter is really worried about travelling on the Underground around Kings Cross because of the previous bombings.

How can I assure her that she will be fine?

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    Thousands of London commuters got back on the Underground hours after those bombings occurred. When the Piccadilly Line was back in action the day after the bombings, I was on it.

    If she's worried about taking the Underground, you could always take the bus. The 214 goes to Liverpool Street Station from King's Cross but it will take longer & there may be delays due to traffic.


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    I've been travelling on the tube since I was about 14, along with the millions of other people who use it everyday. The risk of danger is very low, otherwise I'm sure hardly anone would use the underground. Besides, Kings Cross to Liverpool Street is not a long journey so you wont even be on the tube for very long.

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    Thats a toughy!

    I have used the tube everyday for 23 years as have countless millions & millions & millions (is that possibly billions!) of people and I have never been involved in a terrorist attack, fire, bomb or even anyone getting a bit stroppy...and I'm being honest here. That is the London Underground

    The worst I've seen is some dodgy singing from some beggars!

    It really depends on your viewpoint...do you think you and your family are going to be killed in a terrorist attack when you come to London? If you do then tell your daughter its a dangerous world we live in...or do you perhaps look at the likelihood that you will ...statistically speaking....be fine and reassure your daughter?

    No-one can be 100 guaranteed to be safe anywhere but we need to live our lives

    Have fun in Great Yarmouth.

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    tell her millions of people use the tube everyday and it is highly unlikely that she will be unsafe, tell her security has improved massively and point out all the cameras and let her know that the underground peeps are watching all the passengers all the time, let her talk to the visible members of staff on the stations there are loads at kings cross! and are there to keep her safe.

    if it proves to much for her, bus 205 and 214 go from kings x to liverpool street and take about 20mins!

    hope that helps.

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    I just got back from London and the Tube was clean, efficient and inexpensive. There were no scary looking Characters on board or hanging about and nothing to alert us to any problems. We even took the 5 month old baby along. Tell your daughter to think of all the wonderful things she will see and do in London and not obsess on the negative. Without the tube you will spend a fortune on taxi's or wear out your shoes because it's alot of walking. Tell her to relax and enjoy the experience!

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    Just say, that us British will not give in to the terrorists. Iam not scared to get on planes and the tube. At the end of the day the United Kingdom has nurclear bombs and a massive army with hundreds of allies including the United States. What have they got stupid silly bombs which can kill what about 5 people at a time in one of the most crowded cities in the world. Your more likely to die in a car.

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    Please please tell her not to worry. Yes there was a bomb attack 3 years ago but think about how many journeys are made every day without incident. It's very very safe. You're just as likely to get bombed anywhere in the UK but not worth thinking about.

    I found this which might be helpful:

    With the recent London bombings and September 11th not too far behind, death by terrorist attack is fresh in many people's minds. A poll in Conde Nast Traveler in February 2003 found that one-third of respondents feared a terrorist attack. What are your real odds of dying this way? Historically speaking, it's a one in 9.3 million chance--which is a slightly greater risk than you have of dying in an avalanche.

  • Tell her just how many journeys are made every single day day of the year without anything happening. (Not sure how many, but I think it's several million each day.)

    The bombing happened on one day in over 100 years of operation.

    The journey between Kings cross and Liverpool street is only 8 minutes. You could say that it's only a very short journey anyway.

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    Stratford to London Bridge is a lot a lot less complicated than Liverpool highway to London Bridge id you're purely utilizing the tube. you will get on the jubilee line and its straight away there, about 20 minutes max. The jubilee line is likewise the optimal at Stratford so there is in lots of cases one or 2 trains waiting there, so that you'll walk on and detect a niche to park your circumstances and so on. quite than the push of having on at a classic provide up.

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    Millions use the tube safely every day, but the rush hour may be a bit much for a child so you might want to take the 205bus?

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