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Why does John McCain pass secret legislation?

McCain National ID 'secretly' passed Senate on Friday

Sen. John McCain's amendment 3807 to the 9/11 Commission bill S 2845 was quietly passed late Friday afternoon by "unanmous consent" after much of the Senate had already left for the weekend. This despite a promised debate on the amendment.

I thought Republicans were against the infringement of National ID cards?

Update 2:

Yup, it is just one example of McCains transparent politics from 3.5 yrs ago. But maybe all you neo-cons are right and its the only time he was secretive like GW.

Update 3:

What are those standardized drives licenses the govt is working on really known as?

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    He is "handled" by the same group of corrupt individuals that "handle" GWB. It astonishes me how many millions of my fellow republicans fail to see that.

    That is why this republican isn't voting for McCain. Enough is enough.

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    1. As I've seen so many Dems say "not a reliable source just a neo-con blog"....not a reliable source, just a liberal rag.

    2. This is from 2004 - if it had actually happened, we'd have those ID cards by now.

    3. Just another example of how desperate you guys are now - you cant even find anything real or recent.

    And, it's all BS anyway. I looked it up on the .gov site. McCain's amendment did NOT have anything about ID cards - how could most of the Senate have gone home when the amendment passed with a 97 - 0 vote. Further, the bill itself only had a total of 11 Nay votes - the Dems had a lot more seats in Congress than 11 even in 2004. Sorry, you lose. Try again. lol

    Dude - they are standardized licenses. Not National Licenses. It means that every state's license will be issued to the same standards - they won't all look different or contain different imformation. You already have a national ID ya know - it's called a social security number and that was issued by FDR and the conspiracy theorists like yourself were out then too - it was the mark of the beast yet, here we sit.

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    there is an extremely good type of vets, noticeably Vietnam vets... who imagine that McCain did more beneficial for the enemy than he ever did for united statesa.. If it really is authentic... then it must be very organic that McCain ought to choose his POW record sealed from the american public.

  • DAR
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    Dang. I need to look that up. Remember that there is already Real ID on the books, so a modification COULD have been to the good. Something GOOD and protective of civil liberties is not something I'd generally expect from McCain, mind you, but this is an election year....

    um, look at the date of your post - Oct 2004.

    Yes, McCain likes secret, and oppressively long, legislation to sneak in things past people who try to have input on the bills. Remember the McCain Kennedy amnesty bill? Crafted in the dark by the gang of 15 and sprung with all sorts of procedural tricks to try to shorten debate and force a vote? So interests of the US citizens could not be addressed, but only those of collectivist special interests?

    I can't believe the GOP hierarchy wants this man for President.

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  • KD7ONE
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    1 decade ago

    It doesn't matter here in Montana, because we passed state legislation opposing National ID. The Governer even signed it into law.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If indeed there was "secret" legislation, how would you know about it if it was "secret?"

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    sneaky bastards, I didnt hear anything about that-wheres the fuc*ing media?

  • 1 decade ago

    Why you grinning like an idiot.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    McCain is a Nazi like all Repubs?

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