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Can somebody pease tell me what is the song of the movie 'Curse of the Golden Flower' at the end?.where all th

Can somebody pease tell me what is the song of the movie 'Curse of the Golden Flower' at the end?..where all the credits come out. Who is the singer? And can anyone give me some english version lyrics? thanks lots...loved the movie

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    It's called 'Ju Hau Tai' by Jay Chou, and there are many different sites out there with varying translations, and I've looked to see if I could find the translation that's on the movie, but all the sites have the words slightly different. Here's one link : http://www.jay-chou.net/lyrics_view.php?a_id=13&s_... and it has the lyrics in chinese and english, but you will notice that they are different than the subtitiles at the end of the movie. If you can find a site where they display the translation exactly like the movie, let me know, but as far as I can get, this is the actual translation before they changed it for American audiences just a tad. Oh, here are the lyrics:

    妳 的淚光 柔弱中帶傷

    ni / de lei guang / rou ruo zhong dai shang

    Your tears reflect pain in its tenderness

    慘白的月彎彎 勾住過往

    can bai de yue wan wan / gou zhu guo wang

    The pale white crescent moon hooks onto the past

    夜 太漫長 凝結成了霜

    ye / tai man chang / ning jie cheng le shuang

    The endless night freezing into frost

    是誰在閣樓上 冰冷的絕望

    shi shui zai ge lou shang / bing leng de jue wang

    Who is in the loft, in icy cold despair

    雨 輕輕彈 朱紅色的窗

    yu / qing qing tan / zhu hong se de chuang

    Rain gently bouncing off the vermillon window

    我一生在紙上 被風吹亂

    wo yi sheng zai zhi shang / bei feng chui luan

    My entire life on paper, messed up by the wind

    夢 在遠方 化成一縷香

    meng / zai yuan fang / hua cheng yi lv xiang

    Dreams become faint in a faraway place

    隨風飄散 妳的模樣

    sui feng piao san / ni de mo yang

    The image of you, drifting in the wind

    *菊花殘 滿地傷 妳的笑容已泛黃

    ju hua can / man di shang / ni de xiao rong yi fan huang

    Crushed chrysanthemums reflect our pain. Your smile has faded

    花落人斷腸 我心事靜靜躺

    hua luo ren duan chang / wo xin shi jing jing tang

    Hearts broken into million pieces like petals falling, I lay my troubles aside

    北風亂 夜未央 妳的影子剪不斷

    bei feng luan / ye wei yang / ni de ying zi jian bu duan

    Northern winds gush and the night is still young. Unable to shake off your shadow

    徒留我孤單 在湖面 成雙*

    tu liu wo gu dan / zai hu mian / cheng shuang

    Leaving me alone with my reflection in the water

    花 已向晚 飄落了燦爛

    hua / yi xiang wan / piao luo le can lan

    Flowers at dusk, fallen splendor

    凋謝的世道上 命運不堪

    diao xie de shi dao shang / ming yun bu kan

    Withering social values, Unthinkable fate

    愁 莫渡江 秋心拆兩半

    chou / muo du jiang / qiu xin chai liang ban

    Don’t cross the river. Worries tearing my heart into half

    怕妳上不了岸 一輩子搖晃

    pa ni shang bu liao an / yi bei zi yao huang

    Afraid that you will be unable to get back ashore, floating for the rest of your life

    誰 的江山 馬蹄聲狂亂

    shui / de jiang shan / ma ti sheng guang luan

    Whose territory is this? Hysterical galloping of horses

    我一身的戎裝 呼嘯滄桑

    wo yi shen de rong zhuang / hu xiao cang sang

    Fully armoured, My life whizzed me by

    天 微微亮 妳輕聲的嘆

    tian / wei wei liang / ni qing sheng de tan

    Coming dawn, you sigh softly

    一夜惆悵 如此委婉

    yi ye chou chang / ru ci wei wan

    A melancholy night such tactful indirectness


    Source(s): Jay-Chou.net
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    It is either called "End Title" or "Curse Of The Golden Flower"

    Shigeru Umebayashi

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