who said " god made man but samuel colt made them equal"?

its been bothering me

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    **I believe the the old saying, "God made man, but Samuel Colt made them equal," originated as advertising slogan for Colt Manufactuting. There are a number of variations on the same theme that appear: "God may have made men, but Samuel Colt made them equal"; “God didn’t make all men equal, Sam Colt did”; “God made man equal. But, Colonel Colt made some more equal than others”; “God made every man different; Sam Colt made them equal."

    **The saying has "enjoyed" a renaissance of sorts as part of the 2nd Amendment debate about hand guns. I read a variation of the saying recently in an essay in "George Magazine," titled "Annie's Got Her Gun," by Ann Coulter.

    She wrote, in part, "...What the arms-control faithful really want is a world without violence, not a world without weapons. These are the ideological descendants of the authors of the Kellogg-Briand Pact, which purported to outlaw war. But we can't have a world without violence, because the world is half male and testosterone causes homicide. A world with violence -- that is to say, with men -- but without weapons is the worst of all possible worlds for women. As the saying goes, 'God made man and woman; Colonel Colt made them equal'."

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    Samuel Colt Quotes

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    I know this is relatively old question but I just want to clarify the original slogan for Samuel Colt manufacturing was...

    "Abe Lincoln may have freed all men, but Sam Colt made them equal"

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    who said " god made man but samuel colt made them equal"?

    its been bothering me

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    Charles Martin

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    Hey People,

    I agree, "God Made Man, Colt Made Them Equal". If every gal kept a pistol, & willing to train w/ it, or weapon. FACT-there would be a much reduced rate of rapes & engagements, or assaults. These rapists or freaks would know they are taking a gamble, when considering a rape. NO man has a right to engage upon the lady, the weak, or weary. In my book a rapist should be castrated! Wouldn't even have to do jail time, costing taxpayers aprox $300.00 a day; or $3600.00 a year- - - A minimum. As for Mr. Lawrence Adams's statement, I'm referring to- - - Get your thoughts straightened out. In God's eyes- No man, woman or child is better than the other. Just try & pray to God that he will help us to do & be our best, w/ what we are provided.

    There are aprox 2.4 million people - min, in US jails & or prisons. So total of $ $ = Aprox 4 billion 680 million dollars a year; taxpayers $.

    If a gal or the senior, or weak were able to deter a confrontation w/ a pulled weapon; it would deter this action.- - FACT. More guns save lives than take them- - Fact. I agree w/ the sheriff stating to the public, " Arm yourselves". "We cannot be there always".

    Fact- - In 2005, officers hit only 17.4 % of their targets! Granted, they train regularly, But the hard 9 # trigger pull of a Glock, makes them pull the pistol to the right; if they are right handed.. Fact! Another web quote given was given. Aprox 34% of all police shootings in 2011 were a hit on target. Explanation- If a double action pistol has a factory 9 # trigger, such as the Glock, S&W, or Ruger, etc; it Will not be as accurate as a single action 1911.- Fact! l If you or yours don't like firearms; protect yourself, family & loved ones. Carry pepper spray, baseball bat; something legal, w/ in the laws. I/ we are not into violence, but only to protect our loved ones first, then ourselves. I:E: Protect you & your loved ones- - w/ in the laws.

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    Sam Colt, Smith, Wesson, Remington, Henry, Winchester; they all played their part. I don't like femminazis but I believe everyone has the right to defend themselves and the right to the means to do it. The 2nd Amendment is not there for nothing. Washington was never more right than he is now.

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    This is my answer to all those advocates of arms control and disarmament in general: It has never worked, except to work oppression and enslavement upon those devoid of arms, by those others willing to possess them. No police state can be so flawless as to avoid injustice, the very reason America's founding fathers established our country in the first place, and the basic reason for the Second Amendment in our fine Constitution.

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    Most people will who think of that quote are thinking of the movie Quigley down under with Tom Selleck.

  • Mr. Colt died almost 10 years before the SAA revolver was made. He apparently did not make all men equal.

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