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    歌名:Life is a Miracle

    歌手:Pato Banton

    專輯:Step Into Liquid Soundtrack


    In the beginning was the word

    and the word was with God.

    And God said: "Let there be life".

    Life, oh life! Life is a miracle.

    It's a miracle every time a mother gives birth

    tell me who can say how much a child is worth.

    A miracle living on this planet earth

    rotating to the rhythm of the universe.


    More precious than the rarest stone

    more valuable than silver or gold.


    The essence is invisible

    to the scientific mind it's impossible.

    Like the secret of the seed that grows into a tree

    the starry galaxies remain a mystery.

    Oceans and the seas the air we breathe.

    God knows that I believe...

    Life is a miracle.

    As I turn one page of our history

    I see so many great personalities.

    Like Marcus Mosiah Garvey

    Emperor Selassie

    And the great Bob Marley.

    Malcom X with any means necesary

    Martin Luther marching to victory.

    Mother Theresa

    Princess Diana

    Even Tupac Shakur

    And the one Daddy Biggie.

    Well they will always have a place in our memories.

    And in time to come you wait and see

    They will all get the gift of eternity.

    God knows that I believe...

    Life is a miracle.

    Our heavenly father who art in paradise

    We thank you Jah for the gift of life.

    And though this world is filled with trouble and strife

    In time to come it will be worth the price.


    The journey of experience

    By growing we secure our deliverance.


    The phenomenon the prodigy

    The marvel of an undiscovered destiny.

    So let's give thanks to our father above

    For all of the wonderful things that he does.

    Life is the ultimate gift of love.

    God knows that I believe... Yes I do.

    Life is a miracle. It's true.

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