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Desensitized by Porn? How long to resensitize?

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Hey, I have had some exotic sexual preferences in terms of porn & after not being able to perform with a girl it seems a very good idea to cut it out for good. My question is, how ...show more
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Yes, I think you have desensitized yourself. This can usually happen when you use a method that really arouses you, which can also be things like sex toys, and of course porn. This might be hard (no pun intended) but you should try not to look at porn for a few days to a couple of weeks, and not masturbate as well. This will slowly bring up your sex drive again and shouldn't really have a problem performing with your girlfriend again. Hope it goes well for you
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  • sydney5791 answered 6 years ago
    Making a habit of masturbating at porn and finding more and more exciting videos as the old ones tend to bring less and less arousal causes sexual desensitization over a long period of time. This is because the brain gets used to your own ways of reaching climax (i.e. porn & masturbation) so you will become less impressed by real women - they are now too vanilla for you compared to what you have experienced via porn.

    It is somehow like drugs. First it brings you virtual joy and then, over years, it gives you real pain because being unable to perform with real women can be devastating for a man's psyche.

    So please stop masturbating at porn for good. Try real women instead. You need to separate yourself mentally from your past porn experiences. So think positively and don't look back. Go chase real women and forget about porn.

    Depending of your age and of how deep you are into porn, your recovery may take between several weeks and more than a year, I think.
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  • kajichikara2000 answered 6 years ago
    The porn isn't the main thing desensitizing your penis - its the masturbating. The less often you do it, the more receptive your body will be to any sexual experience, it will also be more open to different sensations rather than being used to the ones given by your hand. Porn is known to be addictive so it wouldn't be a bad idea to cut it out or get reid of it all together if you can.
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  • Steve L answered 6 years ago
    i say cut out the yanking...after 15 days it'll be all good.
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  • eRik answered 6 years ago
    Put your pc in front of the window and remove the curtains, so you stop doing it to yourself. Watch porn, but don't masturbate. Your sensitivity should be back soon.
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  • danny c answered 6 years ago
    you should stop and if you can stop watching porn then you can stop masturbation
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