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Was Hitler just a scapegoat for Germany as a whole?

I doubt Hitler actually killed anyone. But he did orchestrate the mass killings.

My point is why can't people take responsibilities for their actions.

Much like President Bush has never killed anyone, but he is responsible for the deaths of American soldiers and many innocent Iraqi and Afghani citizens.

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    Bush never directly killed anyone but Laura did.

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    Like you said he was the one who orchestrated all the killings, he didn't actually kill anyone. So in a way i guess he was a scapegoat for Germany as a whole, considering none of the German soldiers were killed or jailed for the mass murders.

    I also agree with you on the fact of George Bush, i still don't understand the fact why he can't accept that he is the one responsible for the death of so many innocent lives, i mean he's the one who put them their why can't he just take them out?

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    First off, is President Bush the only President that has had to deal with war? If so, we could afford to blame him...I remember destinctivley well in 2003 how Saddam and his henchmen tried the patience of the Us and the rest of the had better watch what he asks for he may

    just get it! Afghanistan was led by the ruthless Taliban and

    the US never went against them, only Bin Laden and AlQueda

    which were hiding behind the women and children of the Taliban...since the Taliban hold no respect for their women and children they allowed Bin Laden and his AlQueda use them as human sheilds....President Bush was after the ones

    who attacked our must have a very short memory not to remember that...President Bush did take the American people who were attacked

    and expected a measure of justice ...the President

    delivered! To that I say Thank you President George W.


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    Hitler was responsible for convincing masses of people their right to world domination and their superiority as a race and a people. He didn't need to take responsibility. Everyone around him agreed with him, because those who didn't were killed. The decisions of one man can affect the world.

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    Comparing Bush to Hitler isn't exactly fair. While I don't support Bush 100%, I would never compare his decisions to that of Hitler.

    Hitler was an art student dropout. He then worked like crazy to establish a new "political party" in Germany. He ultimately brainwashed much of the country into killing many people solely based on their ethnicity or religion.

    President Bush did not start the war: Congress did. Only Congress can authorize a full-out war. A President can only move a small amount of troops without Congress's approval. So, in that sense, Bush is the scapegoat for the USA.

    Hitler was not the scapegoat; his actions were his actions.

    Feel free to disagree with me, but I have factual evidence in here. Go ahead and look it up.

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    i don't like bush, but i really hate bush/hitler analogies. and as big a fiasco as the iraq war may be, it's not comparable to the holocaust. as far as hitler and what he represents, read "lord of the flies". sometimes the worst ideas are the ones that have purchase with the most people.

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    Hitler did kill.

    He promoted the religious fanaticism, nationalism(blind patriotism), and moralism to enrage the masses and make them fear, hate, and thing of anyone different as a threat.

    It has been the same thing Stalin, Mao, Charles Manson, Osama, and the GOP has done. Psychologically, it is the most infallible way to control upon their fears, their religious and state loyalties, their sense of right and wrong, and you have a loyal army. Hitler said so himself.

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    Hitler was an absolute ruler of the Nazi party. While having complete control, many of his lackeys were equally guilty. The same is basically true of Bush and his criminal regime.

    Love your avatar.

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    Genocide was Hitler's goal. Not the same with Bush.

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    Wow, that is an absolutely sad attempt at undermining the war and all republicans.

    If you are comparing the defense of innocent lives (of which Saddam took millions) with the holocaust, I simply don't know what to say.

    Did you know that soldiers voluntarily sign up for exactly what they are doing? And on top of that, you are more likely to get shot and killed in Washington D.C. then at the front lines of the American's side.

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    Come on, get real, what's next, arrest everyone who stepped on an ant for animal abuse? After all they are animals and weren't putting anyone in dang er when stepped on!!!

    Clinton was responsible for the deaths of American soldiers and innocent slavs. Johnson could be accused of the same thing.

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