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which team is better?

Team A

C Paul

B Bowen

L James

T Duncan

D Howard

Team B

Steve Nash

Kobe Bryant

David West

Kevin Garnett

Rasheed Wallace

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    This is very difficult, but i would say Team A.

    This doesnt take away from the talent level in either team, i am just basing it on which team would win in a 5 on 5.

    All the players on team B are big time scorers, and i would say defense is not strong enough in position 1 and 3 and 5 for team B against Team A. Also, Team B won't have as much oppurtunities for each player to score as they do on their respective teams. So defense is a key factor with big time scorers in every position.

    Chris Paul will definitly outplay Steve Nash, and Paul can contain NAsh from going on a scoring briggade. Steve nash also gets more turnovers than Paul. Paul is a bigger scorer, and nash doesnt have excellent defense.

    Kobe is a big time scorer, but Bruce bowen can prevent a couple points, and he will hit the occasional three.

    Lebron will lock down david west, and outscore david, and david isnt fast enough to stop him.

    KG will be contained by duncan, and duncan will score.

    Rasheed will score occasionally, but Dwight will contain him, hes younger, stronger, and more athletic. Dwight will go on a scoring brigade. Rasheed just can't keep up anymore.

    You need a better defender than steve nash, maybe Jason Kidd or Deron Williams would be a better match. You need a better 3 than West, maybe lebrons counter-rival...Carmelo Anthony. You need a better center than Rasheed, maybe Yao Ming, or anyone else...why Sheed against Dwight? And maybe put in a better scorer than Bruce.

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    Team A would utterly dominate team B. It would not even be close. Rasheed has no idea how to play in the post, and he's weak compared to Dwight Howard, he gives up too much. Duncan is a great post passer, and defender, so he and KG kind of wash each other out. James is so much better than David West that it's kind of crazy to even have made that comparison. Bryant and Bowen... well Bryant owned Bowen in the playoffs, no reason to think it would be different here. Paul is what Nash used to be. Team A is leaps and bounds better.

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    On paper, Team B is better. But if they actually played a game, i think Team A wins..because of matchip wise. In an all-star team, 5 scorers arent required. Bowen will be able to atleast slow-down Kobe. So Team A will win the game, but TEam B is the better looking team.

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    Team A, Nash cant play defense and Bowen and James could switch up on Kobe to slow him down.

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    Team B, Bowen can't really help team A

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    i'd say team b mostly because everyone is pretty similar in skill besides bowen.

  • it is close, but team B would win because it has more good passers. Team A has more ballhogging players

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    Team A... to many ball stoppers on B

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    Although they are nicely matched.

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