Facebook can't see tagged photos?

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On Facebook I can't see tagged photo's on my profile, or anybody else's why!!!
Help : (
Update : it's not privacy! i used to be able to see it on so many of my ...show more
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  • kaire answered 6 years ago
It's probably just because you need to adjust your settings for the Photos app. Here's how ya do it:

1) Click the "Applications" link at the left.
2) Scroll down to the "Photos" app. Look to the right of it. There should be a link that says "Edit Settings." Click that.
3) In the pop-up, make sure the box that's second from the bottom marked "Add a link below the profile picture to any profile" is CHECKED.
4) Click the blue Save Changes button.

Now you should see the link that says "View photos of ____" under all your friends' profiles who have that link activated (meaning they didn't put their photos on private) so you should now be able to see tagged photos. Again, this link only shows if the person has photos of themselves that are tagged.

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thankyou :]
I figured it out a bit after I asked this question but decided to give it to the person who also figured it out !
Thanks a lot :]
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  • live, laugh, love answered 6 years ago
    Some people set their tagged photos private. This is probably why you can't see any tagged photos of anyone else's because they set some privacy options that only they can see their own tagged photos.


    experience on facebook :)
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  • the freakin' analyst answered 6 years ago
    might be slow to load..try it some other time or keep refreshing with ur fingers crossed
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