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iam on ssd ssi and get a check 2 a month but i dont work iam disabled i need to get a payday loan can get app

iam on ssi ssd and dont work can i get a payday loan if so where from

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    You can see if one will. I do it for a living and we loan to ssd/ssi but, there is a fine line to lending to them. By law payday lenders cannot exceed 30 days on a loan. So, some will do it, others won't. 600% is incorrect on the fees....The fee is 18% of what you borrow. Granted people want the money, we have to earn a living as well....If you had a credit card and your interest rate was 18%....same thing! All I can advise you is to check into it, ask a payday loan company, be very careful and make sure you understand what your borrowing, the fees and what your payback amount will be.

    Good Luck!

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    It depends on where you reside. I know that Check Into Cash is a very reputable company (pioneered the industry and is a founding member of the CFSA which protects it's consumers). You can go to there website and try to apply online, however, they do not loan out to every state, so you may want to look into going to a store. Also, if you apply online they may require that you fax or e-mail information. If you are not computer savvy, then the store would be the best bet.

    Please please PLEASE make sure that you listen to everything the loan officer says and do NOT take out the loan if you cannot pay it back. That would just be a bad decision and make the payday loan a burden more than a financial tool.

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    Stay away from payday loans. The interest rate is in the 600% range. You would be better off paying late fees on some of your bills than digging yourself into payday loan debt.

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    Unless your income is going to go way up, how do you plan to repay this loan and the outrageous fees that go with it.

    DON'T DO IT!!!!

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