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Guy Advice Needed! Really Complicated Situtaion! Plz Help!!!?

k well i broke up w/ my bf like 2 months ago, and well he broke up w/ me cuz im thinking the distance was a problem. he live in VA and i lived in CT. he came up once to see me in like oct 2007 and just hang out for like a weekend together then he went back down to VA. well he said that he didn't wanna go out w/ any girl during the school yr and wants to focus on school. Well I recently left CT to come down and go to VA and live with him well his parents. I left CT due to a personal reason. So I've been down here for about 30 ish days and i love it. But i asked the guy if we are gonna go out again and hes like maybe, probably but its not a yes or a no and since then i have no mentioned anything. But within that time me and him made a agreement and he lets me practice a few nursing things on him nothing like needles, just like diapering him things like that. And well w/ being down here for 30 days he has given me 2 hand jobs and i have given him one and i still like him.


I have no idea where this is going. Please help me. When he was up in CT i had a really good time w/ him and I want it to be like that again and sometimes it happens that he just wants to be left alone cuz i usual just go and hang out w/ him at night and i do respect that. but sometimes it goes on for like a week but i cant really do anythin about it. so idk. Could he be using me?

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    he's using you

    move on or detach your feelings now

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    do no longer worry approximately age, he's barely 2 years youthful then you certainly. the conventional difference in age between married couples is 5 years, even however this is sort of different once you become previous. in case you like him and picture he's gorgeous circulate out with him. yet i think of you may desire to talk on your buddy approximately it. you do no longer might desire to however. She's his ex for a reason, so of course he did no longer like her anymore. in basic terms tell her which you fairly like him too and that he likes you lower back and if she became particularly your buddy she does no longer have a subject with it.

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