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Whats my moon and rising?

i was born 9/16/94 in Vancouver Washington at 7:39 p.m.


Can someone please make me a chart?


I really appreciate it

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    here is your chart

    Sun in Virgo

    Moon in Aquarius

    Rising Sign Aries

    Sun in Virgo

    She is ingenious, sharp customer, discerning, crafty, diplomatic. To the point and subtle in speech, she is a real diplomat.

    Weaknesses: petty and over-critical. Over-attention to detail, nit-picking and fussy.

    Moon in Aquarius

    She is sociable, intelligent and lucid. Thanks to great sociability, she has many friends. She is modern, original, inventive, non-conformist and brings new life.

    Weaknesses: she is eccentric, with sharp mood swings. Complex love life.

    Mercury in Libra

    With big ideas, she evaluates and weighs things up. Of good judgement, she expresses herself clearly. Before coming to an opinion on a subject, she listens to the opinions offered by various people and can compare them before making up her own mind.

    Weaknesses: she is happy-go-lucky and phlegmatic. The spouse can be unfaithful. Partnerships are unprofitable.

    Venus in Scorpio

    Sensual and passionate, she likes love, the act of making love. Passionate loves, full of ardor and desire where the partner needs to be able to match her level or else recriminations will follow. While being passionate, she is also jealous and possessive.

    Weaknesses: if disappointed or deceived in love, she can become bitter and odious. She hates the person as much as she used to love. Only jealousy can be as strong as hate.

    Mars in Cancer

    She works relentlessly for the well-being of the family. All the aggressiveness is channelled in order to improve the conditions of life for the family, which is her foremost preoccupation. She rarely gets angry and never cries. She controls herself perfectly. That said, if someone, even a member of the family, goes too far then the anger is all the more impressive for being so uncommon.

    Weaknesses: Domestic quarrels, discipline problems with children, house moves that are not necessarily an improvement.

    Jupiter in Scorpio

    She is provocative, brusque, offensive. Very pretentious and opinionated, with lots of authority and ambition. Possibility of a large family.

    Weaknesses: immoderate sensual appetite. Pretension, disdain, insolence.

    Saturn in Pisces

    Misanthropic, with a sullen humor. She likes to live in solitude, in contemplation. Likes to work alone.

    Uranus in Capricorn

    A great battler. She has so much power, that one thinks nothing can defeat her. Her mission in society, in the world means everything to her.

    Neptune in Capricorn

    She is discerning, wise and sensible.

    Pluto in Scorpio

    Great sexual activity.

    Sign and ascendant

    Virgo ascendant Aries

    The planets in the houses

    The planetary positions in the houses express the facts relative to destiny.

    Sun in VI

    Not much social ambition, she wants to work in the medical environment and progress step by step.

    Moon in XII

    Curious and inquisitorial nature. She likes peace and quiet, being alone.

    Mercury in VII

    Hates being alone. She has lots of friends, likes to discuss and similarly has a lot of work friends. Likes to write.

    Venus in VII

    Her fate depends a lot on marriage. Marries for love, children, happy emotional life.

    Mars in IV

    Quick decisions, she has a lot of things on her plate and wants to climb the social ladder. She will succeed through phenomenal work-rate. Stormy family life, where her aggressiveness shows itself.

    Jupiter in VII

    She makes a good marriage, with a useful partner who helps to bring success if only by his advice. She never goes outside the bounds of legality.

    Saturn in XII

    She likes quiet and solitude above everything. She looks for work (or can work) alone, without being bothered. She hates chatting, outside noises.

    Uranus in X

    She must have an independent career, with no routine, which satisfies her need to move around, travel and which must in particular have an element of risk attached. She is eccentric.

    Neptune in X

    She has great ambition, which obsesses her. She always wants to check work already done, she is terrified of being less than perfect.

    The houses in the signs

    Ascendant In Aries

    Social success thanks to her talents, good results at school.

    House II in Taurus

    Social success will be acquired by laborious, long work that will require a lot of patience.

    House III in Gemini

    She adapts well to any kind of change, and enthusiastically. She doesn't like monotony. Will need to move house because of work reasons.

    House IV in Cancer

    Likes family life, children have a large place in her heart. Sheis by nature calm, affectionate, delicate and tender.

    House V in Cancer

    She will often be in love, up until the day she meets the chosen one. Then, no more flirting - the only goal: to start a family, as many kids as possible.

    House VI in Leo

    Ability to command, authority at work. Weak point: the heart and arteries.

    House VII in Libra

    Love-marriage with someone of a higher class, bringing the desired luxury and refinement.

    House VIII in Scorpio

    Lots of vivacity and hastiness put life in danger too often, and one of these times could be too much.

    House IX in Sagittarius

    Long voyages abroad. Might settle permanently in a foreign country. Intellectual work, mathematical mind.

    House X in Capricorn

    Someone who is completely trusted at work. Respectable, irreproachable in her work and moral qualities, scrupulous and praiseworthy.

    House XI in Capricorn

    Stable friendships with composed, wise people, from whose experience of life she can profit in her own life.

    House XII in Aquarius

    Friends can bring quite a lot of problems.

    Interplanetary aspects

    The interplanetary aspects have a strong influence on the character and disposition of the individual and, consequently, on her destiny.

    The conjunction aspect is variable and depends above all on the nature of the conjoint planets.

    180 Sextile Sun - Pluto

    She is aware of the goal to be achieved. She is strong, and always picks herself up after a setback.

    163 Conjunction Venus - Jupiter

    She is good-hearted, generous and has a good character. She likes well-being, comfort, a life without problems. She has good relations with her circle. She is easy to approach. All the same, she falls in love easily. She has a successful married and professional life.

    163 Conjunction Uranus - Neptune

    105 Trine Sun - Uranus

    She is above all independent and original. She likes change, reforms, she is allergic to everything routine. She has a strong personality, and has many friends.

    95 Trine Moon - Mercury

    She has good judgement, a good memory. She is intelligent, imaginative, vivacious and develops all through life. She speaks easily. She has an aptitude for learning foreign languages.

    72 Trine Venus - Saturn

    She has a good grasp of reality and of duty. She is thrifty, reserved and does not show off. She likes truth and justice. In love, her sentiments are sincere and deep, she never plays false. She is, of course, faithful in love and friendship. She can love a much older person and appreciates her intelligence and good sense.

    -72 Opposition Mars - Neptune

    70 Trine Sun - Neptune

    She has a fertile imagination, is full of inspiration, and very emotional - all qualities that she uses on the professional level. She likes the Arts, beauty.

    -63 Square Mercury - Neptune

    She makes errors of judgement, and lacks sincerity. She lets things happen, and is happy in her dreamworld. Confronted by reality, she is hesitant, incapable of being tested and falls back into her imaginary world. She might become a drug-taker.

    -63 Opposition Mars - Uranus

    She is full of contradictions. She is original, tending to the eccentric, violent, headstrong, impatient and irascible. She fights to the bitter end to overcome hurdles, and has the strength to overcome them.

    -55 Square Mercury - Mars

    While her spirit is lively, it is also cunning. She often acts without thinking, she throws herself into things and exaggerates - and this can bring certain problems. She is nervous and irascible. She can develop others' ideas, while they hesitate - she never does: she presses on.

    -54 Square Moon - Pluto

    She has problems in love. She is jealous, her self-esteem is often quickly held up to ridicule.

    38 Trine Jupiter - Saturn

    She is serious, patient, honest, hard-working, orderly. Her judgement is good and she thinks over things. She pursues her objectives to the bitter end, always knowing when to choose the right moment. She is upright and respects the law.

    -36 Square Mercury - Uranus

    She likes polemic, to criticize and, above all, to contradict. She lacks diplomacy and tends to dissipate her energy. She cannot stay in the same place, likes change even if it means a backward step in her professional career.

    20 Sextile Uranus - Pluto

    She fights to improve her daily life, she is persevering.

    13 Trine Mars - Pluto

    She is ambitious, has a great capacity for work, has self-confidence and goes to the end of her plans.

    5 Trine Mars - Jupiter

    She has a good sense of organization, she is jovial, frank and sincere. She is full of dynamism and over-abundant energy. She loves life and takes all it has to offer. She likes sports and the outdoor life. She is successful professionally and emotionally. She usually has lots of children.

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    your rising is aries and your moon is in aquarius :)

    you can check by going to website i added and also I really suggest going to and entering your birth data and going on the natal chart that you can click on under free horoscopes. Haha, I was only born about a month before you :)

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