What's the average size for a 12 year old girl?

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When I say size, I mean like height, shoe size, clothing size, etc.
I am actually 11.5 but just wondering. :p
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ok well i dont know but i just recently turned 13
heres MY stats

Height 5 foot 3
Shoes 8
Clothing size ---- kids 14 in tops 12/14 in bottoms juniors 1/2 or 2 or small
Cheast size 33 inches

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OK! Thanx sooooooo much!
I am turning 12 in Oct.
I am 4'10.5...? Maybe 4'11
5 or 6 in shoes
10/12 pants
10/12 or XS tops
and like 78 lbs..maybe... 80?
Thanx 4 the help!
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  • lml>.<lml Rock on answered 6 years ago
    I hope this doesn't sound rude because it's not ment to be

    Who Cares! Be who you are! Don't care about if you don't fit in, or something like that. I have a size 10" foot but I'm tall, I have a size...29" waist, Just stay healthy, excercize and don't think about stuff like that! Enjoy life instead of critisizing yourself or whatever your wondering thoughts. Believe me, enjoy life, it's way better that way. Plus this is just me, I'm 13
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  • Holly H answered 6 years ago
    well i'm 12 and i'd say i'm really short but pretty average i guess. and i'm....

    5ft tall
    95 pounds
    32-34-32 (my measurements)
    size 12/14 in kids, or 0 in juniors
    size 4 shoe size in kids, 6 in adults.
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  • gymnastics babe answered 6 years ago
    probably in juiners and weigh 120 shoe size 5 6 or 7 may be 5'2 or in the area
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  • Duane S answered 6 years ago
    4.9 or 5.0


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  • alex answered 6 years ago
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