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NBA Trades/Who Would have the best roster?


Pg. Marbury

Sg. Crawford

Sf. Artest - FA

Pf. Randolph

C. Jermaine O'Neal - FA

6. Miller - Traded from Memphis for Q. Rich & Curry

7. Lee

8. Nate

9. Jones

10. Balkman

11. Chandler

12. Bayless/Jeffries


Pg. Rose - J. Williams shipped out

Sg. Wade

Sf. Marion - Stays

Pf. Haslem - Re-signed

C. Brand - FA

6. Wright - Ricky Davis departs

7. Mourning - Comes back for 1 more go around

8. Blount - Solid big man

9. Banks

10. Quinn

11. Cook

12. Powell - Has upside


Pg. West - Kept

Sg. Redd - Traded for Pavlovic, Snow, Damon, and 1st round pick

Sf. James

Pf. Okafor - Sign & release of Ben Wallace; Okafor the same w/ better offensive game

C. Ilgauskas

6. Gibson - offense of bench

7. Varejao - hustle

8. Szczerbiak - More points

9. Smith - Solid play

10. Jason Williams - Distributor and 3 point shooter

11. Devin Brown - versatility

12. Dwayne Jones - body


Pg. Hinrich

Sg. Gordon - Hughes departs

Sf. Deng

Pf. Beasley

C. Gooden


6. Nocioni

7. Noah

8. Navarro -FA

9. Finley

10. Sefolosha

11. Gray

12. Brown

Spurs: The champs should keep the old vets in Thomas, Bowen, Barry,Oberto, and Udoka only ones that played well. Finley, Horry, Vaughn, and Stoudamire are done. DeMarr Johnson sucks 2.

Pg. Parker

Sg. Ginobili - should start

Sf. Bowen

Pf. Duncan

C. Thomas/Oberto

6. Maggette - FA much needed slasher

7. Ricky Davis - FA much needed scorer

8. Chris Duhon - young pass first pg

9. Udoka

10. Barry

11. James Jones - Much needed 3's

12. Splitter/Bonner - Whomever

Pistons: Detroit has the fortune 2 have a veteran starting lineup and a young promising bench. Keep all the starters and pick up all-stars and young up the bench some more get rid of Ratliff, Hunter, the young Afflalo, and Herrmann

Pg. Billups

Sg. Hamilton

Sf. Prince

Pf. Jamison - Needed Allstar

C. Wallace

6. McDyess - solid

7. Maxiell - beast

8. Foster - FA get rid of Ratliff

9. Stuckey - a flat out talent

10. Daniels - Ind

Update 2:


11. Hayes

12. Dixon


Pg. Iverson - Lets see what will happene if AI was given PG and takes full control of team

Sg. JR Smith - Finally this athletic specimen can start

Sf. Richard Jefferson - Melo is better during season, but RJ is more proven during playoffs

Pf. K. Mart - Hes back

C. Nene - Not better than Camby but when K. Mart was out last year he stepped up

6. Kleiza - not sure why they didnt trade 2 get artest, but he can score

7. carter - did great this year

8. marcus williams - solid pg

9. Najera - hustle

10. Atkis - proven scorer

11. Diawara

12. Hunter


Pg. Harris

Sg. Carter

Sf. Melo - maybe in the East he can become a good playoff player

Pf. Krstic

C. Camby - No offense 2 Boone but this would be huge

6. Nachbar

7. Boone

8. Sean Williams

9. Diop

10. Hassell

11. Swift

12. Armstrong- Has one year solid and wont play much minutes giving Harris a bigger role


Pg. Davis - FA

Sg. Arenas -

Sf. Butler

Update 3:

Sf. Butler

Pf. Thomas - hussle

C. Haywood- hustle & points

6. stevenson

7. daniels

8. mason

9. blatche

10. songaila

11. young

12. pecherov


Pg. Ridnour - solid 3 point shooter no davis but can pass

Sg. Ellis - Resign him see what he got

Sf. Jackson - He came up big

Pf. Harrington - versatile

C. Biedrins - needs 2 be signed

6. Azuibuike

7. Pietrus - Lokks like he is happier

8. Dooling - Does not get minutes in orlando and is hands down better than barnes actually plays d GS need d

9. Croshere - All right

10. Bellinelli - 2nd year

11. Watson - Not bad

12. Wright - 2nd year

- The Lakers and Celtics are prolly keeping their rosters intact they dont have 2 switch up anything.


Pg. Kidd

Sg. Terry - Can score

Sf.Howard - still should be kept

Pf. Kirk Snyder - Can play

C. Nesterovic - Rather have a rebounding and better scorer in Rasho than Damp the fool.

6. Stack - solid 6 man

7. Bass - Is the future

8. Tinsley - Trade Lue,Allen,and Damp.

Update 4:

9. Reddick - Should play is better than the minutes he gets in Orlando

10. You guys should trade Eddie Jones to Toronto for Jorge Garbojosa another Dirk but not as good

11. Wright - Athletic

12. George

Update 5:

These trades were all discussed and rumored as possibilities this whole year

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    if the cavs makes dis deal... there nba champs on 2009... that's a monster lineup... okafor redd and lebron... hey that's a big 3..

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    The first two are not possible due to the teams being over the cap.. In order for the Heat to get Brand they cannot re-sign Marion.. and the New York Knicks, well that's self explanitory. They won't be able to make those big signings for a while to come.. But between Chicago and Cleveland, I'm gonna go with the Cleveland.. But when the Bulls take Rose (which they will) I go with Chi-town. And the Cavs won't get Okafor by releasing Wallace because they will be paying him way too much money releasing him from that.. dropping him just makes it worse..

    Source(s): My own basketball knowledge.
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    For the present i might choose the Suns and Spurs. They the two are veteran communities that have a lot of experience. The Spurs might furnish protection whilst the Suns might furnish my offense. PG-Steve Nash backup Tony Parker SG-Raja Bell backup Bruce Bowen SF-furnish Hill backup Michael Finley PF-Tim Duncan backup Boris Diaw C-Shaq backup Oberto For the long-term, i might prefer to combine the Blazers and Warriors. the two between the communities are youthful and gifted however the infantrymen look like their not as stable because Baron left and Monta have been given injured. Plus the two communities seem to do fairly nicely interior the offseason whilst it includes picking up gamers. The team might look in simple terms like this... PG- Jerryd Bayless backup Marco Belinelli/Steve Blake SG- Brandon Roy backup Monta Ellis SF- Stephen Jackson backup Corey Maggette PF- Ronny Turiaf backup LaMarcus Aldridge C- Andris Biedrins backup Greg Oden

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    The Miami Heat would have the best roster. The have 2 all-stars in Wade and Marion. Then they have a 3rd all-star if Elton Brand stays healthy and an outstanding rookie with lots of potential. Then, they have a young and talented bench.

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    that overdoing it with cleveland James, Redd and Okafor, your kidding right? Thats definatley the best lineup but i think that in reality, the Heat and the Bulls will have the best offseason this year with the bad players expiring, and high draft picks.

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    Why would the Cavs release Ben Wallace?

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