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Mini fridge?

I want to get a mini fridge and I have no issues with it being on the floor, but my mom isn't sure if it will be alright.

So, my question is if i buy a mini fridge do i have to sit it on some kind of stand or table and if so where could i find one?

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    mine has sat on the floor in my room for 3 years and i have carpet. it's been completely fine. i think we got mine at wal-mart or meijer. you can find them there or at stores like menards i think. you definitely will not have to put it on a stand or table. good luck.!! they're great for having in your room. i'm 17 and my parents bought me one so i can keep all the food i buy myself in my own room (i.e. juices, fruits, etc...) my mini fridge's brand is Danby Designer and it's really good. you can adjust the temperature inside and theres a small freezer in the top of it that comes with an ice cube tray. good luck, and i hope this helps.! :]

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    Mini Fridge Stand

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    mini fridges are cute on the floor but not just white or silver like differrent colors thats the only thing that you have to have with a mini fridge oh and if you do get a stand DONT GET A GLASS STAND !!been there done that

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    It's definitely fine on the floor. I travel a lot, and in hotels, their mini fridges are ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS on the floor.

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    They're meant to be able to sit on the floor or on a counter. They are often found in offices under counters or between file cabinets.

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    No,the temp. should be fine. But there will be the matter of ease of storage. And wine coolers keep the bottles tilted so the cork will stay wet. But I would'nt worry about that unless you are looking for long term storage, 1 year or more.

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    Actually, there's more of a danger of them tipping over if they're perched on a flimsy stand. I think I've seen one on a stand once, but it was a built-in model.

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    Mini Fridge Table

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    It'll be fine on the floor, just pulled out an ice cold pepsi from mine which is on the floor, just under my bed.

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    It's fine on the floor. I used to have one that I put on the floor, and it didn't do my carpet any damage.

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