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If i want to dye my hair like Hayley williams at the grammy awards, will i have to bleach it ?

I naturally have a mousy blonde hair colour, i then dyed it bleach blonde, after this i dyed it a very dark brown, almost black and then added a red but my hair would not take this colour.

My hair is now in very good condition but still is a very dark brown, i am using head and sholders to try and remove the colour, but i am unsure this will work well.

I leave school in 3 weeks and i am now planning to dye my hair bright red like hayley williams at the grammy awards

I dont mind going to the salon and getting it bleached and then dyed red, but i am really worried that my hair will become damaged, if there are any alternatives to bleaching will anyone tell me ?

thank you! x

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    Im sorry to tell you this, but if you really want it to be an exremely bright, vibrant red like that, youre going to have to bleach it like white then dye red over it.

    Its the only way it will be that bright.

    Yes, its super damaging. But there are ways to help restore your hair a bit.

    First, go to a salon for the bleaching, because they will do it right. Ask for a deep conditioning treatment afterwards so that it wont be as damaged. xo

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    You're going to need to bleach it first; start at the tips and work towards the roots. You won't need to get it to anything blondeish, the dye will work fine over an orangeish coour

    Quite frankly, if you get your hair dyed an unnatural colour at the salon it's not going to stick; when you go for the salon you're not paying for the quality, you're paying for the right to blame someone else if your hair looks bad

    By the looks of it she's used Manic Panics 'Infra red' but have a look on here: And find the exact colour you're going for, the dye used is listed below each picture

    Apply the dye to dry hair at night, wrap it in cling film (and put an old towell across your pillow just in case) then wash it all out in the morning. I know the bottles tend to say 'wash out after 30 minutes' but, as long as it's not a dye with developer, leaving it on overnight will give you infinitely better results and it'll last so much longer

    It might take a while to wash out so it's a good idea to set aside a weekend; Bleach it on friday night, apply the dye on saturday night, wash it out on sunday and then spend the rest of the day trying to get any dye off your skin (nail polish remover will do the trick)

    Luckily most red dyes are vegetable-based so they're super-conditioning, my hair always feels so nice after it's dyed

    You might want to invest in a pair of washing-up gloves, the ones included with dye don't cover your arms enough

    Source(s): Dyed my own hair since I was 11
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    stop colouring your hair! that is the answer.

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