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any place like this for "adult" questions?

i have a question that certainly would not be cool w/ yahoo, does anyone know of any other forums like this where you don't need to be PG w/ your Q&A?


So I was watching fight club w/ a friend. Not sure if you've seen the extras before but there's this PSA spoof where brad pitt is like "did you know urine is sterile, you can drink it!" I thought that was just a joke but my buddy's like, "no that's true, you can drink anyones urine". Then the conv went into golden shower type stuff (people urinating on people). my contention was you could get an std or other infection if the person had it in that case. thoughts?

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    Do people here know who you are? I don't think so. I don't see any reason why not to post the question here.

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    Urine is sterile if the person is disease free. If the person has an STD then yes urinating on someone could pass it along.

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    Yes. You could get an STD that way. But urine is sterile when it leaves the body.

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    I don't really know. You can email the question to me, I could help you answer it. Just go to my profile and email me. You don't have to go looking for other websites; chances are lots of people here would be willing to help you answer via email of you aren't comfortable putting it up on answers.

    Or you can email me directly at I'd like to help you.

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    If the person involved has an STD you will get it too.

    Especially HIV.

    E-mail me if you need more info.


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    Go ahead and post the question ! Just watch how you word things .... don't use vulgar language and your post should be fine .... JUST edit this one ... and say what you have to say !

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    You can email me aswell if you need,

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