Confederate flag Racist?

Ok I am Australian and I ware a confederate flag on the arm of my jacket. Main reason being is I have a realy close friend from the south and it reminds me of him. now I know the origens of it. South wanted to be indipendant so north wanted them to be big coleny so thus the Civel war started now I know the south wanted to be indipendant because they wanted black slaves or something like that. but anyway I got in trouble at school for waring it and the teacher said *I am idolising raceism. Now all I want to know is. Is the confederate flag oficialy a racist simbol or is it just seen that way to some?

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    I see plenty of ignorant responses to your question, largely by left-leaning types who can't seem to disseminate facts from propaganda.

    Here is the truth: The Southern States seceded from the Union. Unions are, by their very nature voluntary, or they are not unions at all. The states signed to the Constitution, thereby joining the United States. When they signed the Constitution, they never would have considered that they could not leave the Union if it became adverse to their interests.

    Prior to the War for Southern Independence, several Northern States (most notably Massachusetts) threatened to leave the Union because they believed their commercial interests were threatened. In fact, the New England States met DURING the War of 1812 (ie: when the US was at war) and talked about secession, as well as a separate peace treaty with England. It is therefore quite ironic that historical revisionists try to suggest that Southerners are "traitors".

    It is common among such idiots to suggest that the war was "about slavery", but Lincoln himself stated that he would be happy to have the Southern States back in the Union with slaves. He merely wanted to keep the Union in tact so that he could continue to collect the tariff revenue from the Southern States, which were responsible for 85-90% of the revenue coming into the federal coffers (although they only got back 10-15% of it).

    The Southern States wanted to be independent because they were proponents of liberty. There had been a long-standing series of conflicts between the Southern and Northern States, and usually they dealt with economic issues (the tariff rates and other such things, as well as where such money was spent).

    There is a great deal that one would need to know about history to understand the nature of the South/North conflict, historically. The North certainly had many prominent leaders who pushed for secession on many occasions, starting almost immediately after the signing of the Constitution. The difference was that the South actually did it.

    If the South had been let go in peace, there would have been no war, but there would be two republics. The Southern States believed in strict interpretation of the Constitution, and believed that the federal government should not be a monolith, as it has since become.

    The Confederate flag is not "racist" (whatever that Marxist term supposedly means). It is a symbol of what it means to be Southern. It is a Christian symbol, and stands for liberty. Ask some of the ignorant people who hate the South why the Confederate battle flag was present at the fall of the Berlin Wall, and has even been seen by freedom fighters in Africa. I'm sure their answer will be "enlightening".

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      "The Southern States wanted to be independent because they were proponents of liberty."

      ...the ignorance must be contagious

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    There are plenty of ignorant people who will respond with ignorance, or emotion, to the question. This is true of any question involving the Confederate battle flag (not the "Stars and Bars", which was a wholly different flag).

    The truth, though, is that the flag is certainly not "racist". It's easy to put a label like that on anything these days. It's just a term that really has no meaning, but is used to silence those who disagree with you.

    Read what Charles Dickens, Lord Acton, and others had to say about the war. It wasn't about slavery. It was about the right of self determination--the same thing that the Colonials fought the Revolutionary War over.

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      False. The ONLY reason the South seceded when they did (SC and others had been threatening seccession since the Nullification Crisis in the 1830s) was 'the right of self-determination' concerning SLAVERY. Economic ruin was the only impetus powerful enough to convince them to revolt against the US.

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    To say the Confederate flag is Racist is ridiculous. Sure there are racists who fly the flag just as there are plenty of racists who fly the American Flag.

    Many of those commenting do not know the history of the American Civil War, you were taught slavery was the issue, the main issue and the confederate flag is horrible. To say it was about slavery is VERY far from the truth. I've been lucky enough to be taught the civil war in the North and also in the South and the way it is taught is drastically different.

    The war of Northern Aggression is exactly what it says. Lincoln had no toleration for dissenting opinion and Lincoln, never cared a lick about slavery or black Americans. He used the issue of slavery as his platform. If you remember it took Lincoln some time before he said the war was about slavery. If he had come right out and said the "we are fighting the south to end the slavery of black people". That certainly would not be a good reason for Northerners to go to war and risk being killed for the rights of an "inferior race" as was widely believed by MOST Americans of that time. History will note that every nation on earth ended slavery peacefully — with the sole exception of the United States and Haiti. The term Civil War is a misnomer. The South did not instigate a rebellion. Thirteen southern states in 1860-61 simply chose to secede from the Union and go their own way, like the thirteen colonies did when they seceded from Britain.

    President Lincoln is treated as a freaking fairy god mother of the US but as you can see my views do not follow. It can be said that Lincoln was close to being a dictator...what would happen today if a president (Bush) shut down the New York Times and threw the editors in jail, where alongside senators, judges, politicians, and preachers they would sit indefinitely without trial? President Lincoln did this to over 300 newspapers in the North and arrested an estimated 13,000 political prisoners. BUT HE DID THIS TO PRESERVE THE UNION you say----I say is it ok to have American Rights and Liberties violated severely by a few in power "just to preserve the union"....or fight terrorism??

    When Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf suspended his nation's constitution and declared martial law last November, he said on national television, "Abraham Lincoln had one consuming passion during that time of crisis, and this was to preserve the Union ... Towards that end, he broke laws, he violated the Constitution, he usurped arbitrary power, he trampled individual liberties."

    Slaves were deemed expendable by their OWN PEOPLE and were brought here on a "business contract".The Constitution of the Confederate States of America prohibited the importation of slaves (Article I, Section 9).

    With no fugitive slave laws in neighboring states that would return fugitive slaves to their owners, the value of slaves as property drops owing to increased costs incurred to guard against their escape. With slaves having a place to escape to in the North and with the supply of new slaves restricted by its Constitution, slavery in the Confederate states would have ended without war. A slave’s decreasing property value, alone, would have soon made the institution unsustainable, irrespective of more moral and humanitarian considerations.

    I do not say slavery is right but it would've been ended without the loss of so many American Lives. The state of South Carolina felt pressure from the North as they brought their troops into their city and Military zone. Taking a page from the American Revolution they felt their rights were being violated by an Invading presence for no good reason and they took action. South Carolina proudly flies the Confederate Flag on their State Grounds on the corner of Gervais and Assembly Street for all to see.

    -PS my family had not reached this country (Italian and German) until 1900 and I am NOT a son of the American Confedracy

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    No, it's not racist, they fly the confederate flag over the state capital in North carolina. I have a tattoo of a confederate flag on my arm and i work with several black people and they have never commented on it.

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    The Confederate flag is a symbol of ethnic pride for Southern-Americans as well as a symbol of resistance to Federal oppression.

    "Is the confederate flag oficialy a racist simbol or is it just seen that way to some?"

    A small, noisy fringe of leftists and multicult fanatics have been trying to have the Confederate flag banned but they have so far been unsucessful.

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    It really isn't. Setting aside all of the references, it is a time period, and era. History is history. My husband's best friend is of German descent and he has tons of memorabilia in that area which might offend Jewish people. However, it is part of his heritage and he has learned a lot about it.

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    It originally was a flag to represent the Confederated States of America- whom had a problem with Federalism, more or less over the notion concerning whether the Constitution had priority over state's rights.

    During the last century, the "Stars and Bars" has devolved into a symbol of those who would forcibly return to a state of slavery. And it is used by those who love to commit hate crimes against racial minorities.

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    The st andrews cross is worn by racist. Some whites will tell you it only represents heritage. Many lynchings in the south were photographed and in the photo you will find a conferate flag. It is a symbol always present at KKK rallys (an American racist organization that has killed many blacks whites and jews. The support the notion of white superiority and discrimnation. Their symbol is always the conferate flag. Yes it is a symbol of racisim. lose the confederate flag.

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    In america it is a racist symbol. It was created by a group of people that wanted to continue slavery. Anyone who wheres it is known as a "redneck" or in other words a "racist".

    Rednecks try to cover up for the fact and say that it represents southern pride but thats not true. If it were "just southern pride" then why wont black people in the south wear it and why do they stay away from the people that do? Do the math... its quite simple.

    Source(s): Black Southern Peach
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    Yep, kinda. Confederate flags should be abolished IMO, since the South lost the war a long time ago

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