can some one tell me what the story of frankenstein was????

in short plzzz


and what he was made out of?

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    1 decade ago
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    Dr. Frankenstein is a mad scientist who employs grave robbers to bring him bodies which he uses for spare parts to build a 'superior' human being. But it look slike a monster. He brings the monster to life with the 'power of lightning'. The harmless monster escapes and befriends a small girl. The girl dies in an accident, and the monster brings her back to town. The horrified towns people blame the monster and pursue him to frankenstein's laboratory and kill Dr. Frankenstein. The monster escapes but gets trapped by the townspeople in a windmill, which they burn down with the monster inside.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It is a horror story of a man named Frankenstein an abscessed Scientist holed up in a castle stitching together body parts that were robbed from graves taking him 2 years to create a life a monster. This monster becomes aware of the world, learns to read, and acts out of crippling loneliness. that leads to him killing people.

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