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Is titanium armor impenetrable by bullets?

also rpg....

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    Like the other answers I have to tell you no. It does depend on the bullet and thickness of the Titanium. As for the RPG that also depends. A bullet penetrates because of velocity, it punches through, like a nail through wood. RPG however depends on concussive force and is not concentrated in the point of impact. So on a vehicle it might well withstand an RPG. However anti-armor rounds contrary to popular belief do not usually penetrate from the impact but by melting through. The high explosive generates enough heat to melt a hole in the armor.

    The Navy's newest rail gun which is designed for long range artillary though fires a projectile at such high speed that it could do both without high explosive. The recent test fired a round at Mach 5. At that speed an impact would both penetrate very heavy armor and generate so much heat that it would melt/ vaporize its way through.

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    Titanium Armor

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    Your idea has several holes: 1. Not all bullets have ferrous metals and those that do have more lead and copper than iron or steel. 2. For your idea to work the bullet it has to be magnetized with the opposite polarity of the armor. How's that going to happen? 3. Google "Mythbusters bullet magnet" (you will get Episode 95, James Bond Special) in which they found that a magnet will not alter the trajectory of a bullet. 4. If you had magnetic bullet proof armor that was strong enough to effect a high speed projectile from a foot away, then being near anything metal would totally suck for the wearer, including their own weapons and gear. Plus they would end up like a giant refrigerator magnet. 5. Where would all the energy go when the bullet's energy is absorbed so quickly? Probably into heat, electric field, and current. Again this would probably suck for the wearer because it would probably generate a mini-EMP blowing out any electronics he is wearing.

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    Titanium is pretty tough stuff, but, like the other answerer said, it depends on the bullet. I asked that question to someone in a titanium mill that I did service work in, they gave me a disc of 7/16 thick hardened titanium to try it on. An AK47 didn't even nick it, but a 30.06 went right through.

    If your question stems from the Iron Man movie.(great movie), that's hollywood. I love the scene where he gets blasted by the tank, then turns around and wastes the tank. The round out of any tank's big gun is a pretty potent (and big) bullet. Great scene, but pretty implausible.

    • Ironman Projectile bullet was small and impossible to destroy that T-90 tank in that film. Missile can destroy tanks easy but RPGs and C4 cant destroy a tank like M1, M1a1, M1a2 Abrams tanks are built for armor that can stand to RPG attacks and C4s.

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    That's a big negative. While titanium is stronger than and will stop more types of rounds than steel armor it is not impenetrable. There is no armor at this time that is truly impenetrable.

    • M1, Ma1a1, and M1a2 Abrams tank is almost impenetrable and one of worlds strongest and power tank In the world. Abrams tanks and Modern tanks gone though evolution armor and almost all modern day tanks have Outer shield skin armor but todays tanks have inner armor of layers of composites.

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    not so much. there are rounds to penetrate even the thickest of armor such as ap rounds(armor piercing) and ap incendiary. rpg? rpg could probably get through in 2 or 3 rounds.

    • ammo Vs. armor is on going conflict Sometimes ammo bullets wins and sometimes armor survives it really depends on bullet sizes and depends armor thickness and materials to use to stop bigger rounds and todays Modern day Tanks like Abrams and Dragon skin body armor use layers or inner armor.

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    Diamond armor would be the only impenetrable armor.

    • True Carbon Diamond worlds hardiest material on earth and Diamond is not easy to break lead round's cant break though a Carbon diamond armor but then a Coated Diamond plate armor bullet to penetrate Carbon Diamond armor vest.

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    it depends on the bullet..

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