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題目係 hong kong food 150 字 xxd~

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    Hong Kong is a Gourmet Paradise, as you would expect, good Chinese restaurants are found everywhere in Hong Kong.

    Steamed rice-flour roll (腸粉)

    Pan-fried taro cake (芋角)

    Deep-fried shrimp dumpling (蝦角)

    Steamed shrimp dumpling (蝦餃)

    Beef balls (牛肉球)

    Pan-fried squid with spicy salt (椒鹽魷魚鬚)

    Steamed air-dried sausage bun (臘腸卷)

    Steamed barbecued pork buns (叉燒飽)

    Fried spring roll (春卷)

    are just some of the local favourites.

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