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Primary chylomicronemia

familial hypertriglyceridemia

familial dysbetalipoproteinemia

familial combined hyperlipoproteinemia

familial hupercholesterolemia

secondasry hypercholesterolemia

Lp(a) hyperlipoproteinemia

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    Primary chylomicronemia原發性高乳糜血症

    familial hypertriglyceridemia家族性高三酸甘油脂血症

    familial dysbetalipoproteinem ia家族性β血脂蛋白異常

    familial combined hyperlipoproteinemia 家族性複合型高脂蛋白血症

    familial hypercholesterolemia家族性高膽固醇血症

    secondary hypercholesterolemia續發性高膽固醇血症

    Lp(a) hyperlipoproteinemia脂蛋白a異常型高脂蛋白血症


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