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    Those I who superintend it about the section in the company should preside over the brief note of the business during a day without fail by me in 9:30AM and are the hatchets and examine yesterday's work. In the company, there is time individual during half an hour of both of 3 PM of the company of humanizing of one (point) in every day, and I can want to do all any things. I can do both suppers with my family at the evening about 7:30 because I finish time for us to work and to return to the house at 6:00PM. Night daughter book read provide Music hear provide food night later person time usually all study day work provide good feeling sales read prepare district book sit roughly at midnight finally day life finish bed take a rest.


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    As I am a session chief of my company, I have to host a business representation at 9:30am for a whole day long which is aimed at discussing on yesterday's working content. It is a human-natured company which offers a half hour private time to every co-worker at 3:00pm every day. And you can do anything you want. We finish our job and go home at 6:00pm. It is about 7:30 that I can have dinner with my family. I will stay with my daughter for reading or listening to the music at 9:00pm. After 10:00, it is my personal time. I usually sit in the study room to prepare for the next day job or read the marketing books which are my favor. About 12:00, finally I close the whole day life and go to bed.

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