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Tropical Vs regular fish tank?

My boyfriend wanted to get a fish tank for his b-day. He isn't sure which one to go with? What are the pros and cons of each?


For the Tropical tank, do they have algae eaters, or something similar?

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    first off what is a regular fish tank ??

    you have 3 basic types of tanks as a general rule each has it's own pros and cons

    the three types are cold water, tropical,and saltwater

    lets start with the fresh water tanks cold water,and tropical

    thease fish should never be mixed the temp preferences of both type do not mix well,

    the cold water fish are your gold fish type of fish thease fish really need a large tank due to the size's they reach they are much better off in a garden pond type of setting.

    the freshwater tropicals have a larger verities of fish to choose from knowing what type or types he is wanting will help determine the size of the tank if he isn't sure what type he is going to want you can't go wrong starting with a 55 gal

    it will handle most anything he wants for fresh water and they aren't to high priced when bought as a complete kit at wal-mart or petco under 200 not including stand

    if he wants angels check with local pet store for local raised never buy angels from large outlet stores like wal-mart and petco as they will not live garenteed

    now a tropical fish tank is less work than a cold water tank most tropical fish produce less waste than gold fish

    cold water is the cheapest to setup but not much less than a tropical

    now salt water the fish are prettier but the tanks are more work and the smallest recommended size for salt water is 100+ gallons though some have done ok with smaller

    saltwater also cost 2 to 3 times more to setup and maintain

    I hope this info helped if you have any more questions feel free to contact me

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    A coldwater is very good for begginers.

    When I was 10, I got a 40L(10 gallon) aquarium.

    I would recommened getting a big aquarium with a whole set up(eg. Filter, net, light, lid/hood...). You start getting coldwter fish first because they don't need that extra bit of attention.

    You should get maybe a school of 8 White Cloud Mountain Minnows in a 10 gallon. Make sure you look on websites about starting up a tank. Add 1 or 2 fish every 2 weeks, after the 4 week waiting period when the tank is filled with water.

    A tropical tank is a bit harder to look after since you need a heater. I converted my 40 litre to tropical about 7-8 months ago and It is lovely watching the colourful fish.

    The biggest problem is power faliure.

    About 3 weeks ago the power went out and i had to try and keep the tank warm for 4 hours using bottles of hot water!

    Anyway...Start with a coldwater and then in a year or two put in a heater and make it tropical.

    One more thing: when you look around the internet many fish websites always say to follow the 1'' per gallon rule. This shouldn't be followed because you cant fit a 10 '' fish in a 10 gallon! Make sure you stock the tank with caution, and when you notice more fish waste then normal when you gravel clean, don't get any more fish.

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    Well you need to ask your boyfriend what kind of fish he likes to look at. Tropical fish need to be in waters ranging from 72-78 degrees. So they will need a heater to keep the temp constant. Anything else (Goldfish and Koi) like to be in temperatures from 63-72 degrees, so they don't need a heater. With Tropical fish you need to pay attention to the temperament, Community, Semi Aggressive, and Aggressive. I find that a lot of people get tired of the aggressive fish, after a while their fish keep killing new additions to the tank. So their stuck with two 3" fish in a 55gallon tank. Not too interesting. I have a planted community Rainbow tank with some community catfish and freshwater shrimp. They're beautiful and have lots of movement in the tank, so there is always something to watch! Oh yeah, live plants need special care as well.

    Is he interested in saltwater? If so I would HIGHLY recommend that he start with a freshwater tank until he gets used to the regular maintenance required to upkeep a tank, then move on to a SW tank when he's ready. REMEMBER: SW tanks should be over 29 gallons unless you really know what your doing. A 10 gallon tank is not the right size for a SW beginner. With both tanks, you should be doing a 20% water change, via gravel vac., in the tank every two weeks. Water quality constantly deteriorates, so the only way to help the fish is to remove some old and replace with new water. (Helps reduce Nitrates)

    You can find Tank kits at local pet stores that have everything you need to start around $60 (10gal) all you need to do is pick the decorations and gravel color. Have fun!

    I don't automatically recommend starting with coldwater fish because once your tank cycles, and you want something else, what are you going to do with your "starter fish"? Flush them? NO way! Just read up on "New Tank Syndrome" when you set up your tank. Do not overstock the tank too soon.

    Source(s): I work at a pet store.
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    a tropical tank is a regular tank unless you meant salt water and if you don't already know the answer to that then you should definately go tropical. Cichlids are very hearty fish and easier to care for. Cost wise a freshwater tropical tank would be better. There are many cons to salt water tanks cost,price,time and so on but fresh water is much easier to deal with all around they just aren't as pretty or interesting.

    Source(s): experience
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    You definitely do not want to have discus in a 30 gallon tank! These fish require excellent water quality, not to mention taking into their adult size of around 8 inches, a 30 gallon is grossly undersized. But to answer your question, maintaining healthy discus is a lot of work. They like their nitrate under 10 ppm, so massive water changes three times a week is usually essential for most setups. They are also timid fish that can be somewhat finicky eaters, so other tankmates have a good potential to outcompete discus for food. This is why they are best kept in a species only setup--and of course, also for water quality reasons. Rams and neons would be fine for your 30 gallon though. Leave out the discus, and instead go with something like a dwarf gourami pair, or some bottom dwelling cory cats or upside down catfish to spread out the territories a bit.

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    If you live near the coast line, the tropical fish tank may be cheap. But inland its super pricey. I live in GUAM so its cheaper for me... haha! Anyways, cleaning them is a hassle either way the saltwater is a harder upkeep, but pretty FISH and screams MONEY!

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    a tad more upkeep but SO MUCH MORE WORTH IT!!!

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