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Christian dating sites?

I'm checking them out. I keep seeing this requirement; must place God first, before family and life. Are they looking for a preacher or a missionary? I've known a LOT of Christians, and they have to work. Work generates money, which is necessary. Work rules our lives, like it or not. I also see another popular cliche...totally sold out for Christ. Are there really normal working people out there that will forsake their family and job for God? Sorry I'm late boss, I got wrapped up in prayer...I am not trying to be disrespectful, but NORMAL people must take care of business first, and tend to God in their free moments. What say you?

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  • LineQ
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    1 decade ago
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    If you are not a Christian, you won't understand. Why try to criticize something you know nothing about. Real people/Christians aren't late for work because of prayer. However, Christians must put God first before everything. Do you actually believe God wouldn't have us to be responsible in our everyday life? Yet, we can still put him first in everything we do. There are so many ways to put God first. If your husband wants you to sin (something you know God abhors), then you say no to him and yes to the right thing ( the thing that God expects you to do- even if your husband wants to divorce you for it). That is just one minor example of putting God first. You must have a relationship with God to understand this. And also read his word by the Holy Spirit.

    EDIT: Another thing, one should always make time for prayer and Bible reading. There are people around the world that make time for their family, friends, spouses, meditation, work, etc. God is real to the Christian, so a Christian will make time for God. God comes first, then God's quality time comes before anyone else. But one must also put in quality time with family, friends, etc. This is how good relationships are maintained. Only because you don't see God, doesn't mean you should push him off to the side until you have time for him. But again, you must truly know God and see God as a real being in order to understand this.

    EDIT: One more thing, you can see in other people's lives when they put their jobs before their family or their spouse. At times there are times you should put your spouse before your job. If not, then you are saying your job is more important than your spouse. The same goes for children, etc. You will see that one will always have to make a decision to put someone important before some obligations like a job. But it must take faith, honor, and integrity to stand up for what you believe to be important to you. These things will be conflicts in your life whether you want them to or not. Whether you have God or not in your life. That is what sacrifice is all about. That is what love is all about. There will be decisions you will have to make that may have you to lose something that is needed in order to save a relationship. If you were starving, and the only way to eat food was to kill your child, then what would you do? Does your child mean more to you than saving yourself from starvation. You may choose to save the child. In this, you put your child first over yourself. Why would this be absurd to do the same for God if you say you love him.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Work is a part of life. But I thank God everyday for providing me with the job I have. I try to work that job in a way that God would approve. I Try and live my life in a way God would approve. That is what they mean by putting God first. I tend to God every moment of my life not just the free ones. he is the reason I have all that I have.

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    is very deep but you are totally right

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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