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forever 27??

does anybody know what famous legends all died at 27, i know janis joplin, jimi hendrix, i think curt kobian im not sure?? and jim morrison. i feel like im missing somebody??

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Alfonso XII Spanish king tuberculosis 1885

    Dave Alexander American bassist (The Stooges) pneumonia 1974

    Jean-Michel Basquiat American artist heroin overdose ("acute mixed drug interaction") 1988

    Chris Bell American musician car accident 1978

    Stefan Bellof German World Sportscar Championship and Formula 1 driver Car accident in a race 1985

    Jesse Belvin American R&B singer and songwriter ("Earth Angel") car accident 1960

    D. Boon American punk rock musician (The Minutemen) car accident 1985

    John Wilkes Booth American assassin of President Abraham Lincoln gunshot 1865

    Jonathan Brandis American actor suicide 2003

    Rupert Brooke British poet septic pneumonia 1915

    Barry Brown American actor suicide 1978

    Louis Chauvin American ragtime musician syphilis 1908

    Kurt Cobain American grunge singer/guitarist (Nirvana) gunshot after lethal overdose of heroin, ruled suicide 1994

    Andrew Cunanan American spree killer suicide 1997

    Pete de Freitas Trinidadian drummer (Echo & The Bunnymen) motorcycle accident 1989

    Lea De Mae Czech porn actress brain cancer 2004

    Gloria Dickson American actress asphyxiation in a house fire 1945

    Andrés Escobar Colombian footballer shot, possibly for scoring "own goal" 1994

    Alain-Fournier French author and soldier killed in battle during World War I 1914

    King Ghazi Iraqi king possible murder 1939

    Gregory V Papal States pope possible poison 999

    Johann Christian Günther German Baroque poet tuberculosis 1723

    Peter Ham British musician (Badfinger) suicide by hanging 1975

    Robert Harron American actor gun accident 1920

    Les Harvey Scottish guitarist (Stone the Crows) electrocution 1972

    Jimi Hendrix American hard rock guitarist/singer choked on own vomit caused by sleeping pill overdose 1970

    Jon Hooker American former University of Kentucky baseball pitcher plane crash 2006

    Paul Hunter British snooker player cancer 2006

    John XII Papal States pope assassination (presumably because of jealousy) 964

    Robert Johnson American delta blues guitarist/singer alleged poisoning 1938

    Brian Jones British rock guitarist (The Rolling Stones) drug-related drowning, possibly homicide 1969

    Janis Joplin American rock/soul singer (Big Brother & the Holding Company) heroin overdose 1970

    Johnny Kidd British rock-singer motor car accident 1966

    Jules Laforgue French poet tuberculosis 1887

    William Henry Lane, "Master Juba" American dancer and entertainer unknown 1852

    Reggie Lewis American basketball player (Boston Celtics) heart attack 1993

    Li He Chinese poet unknown 816/817

    Ron "Pigpen" McKernan American rock/blues singer (The Grateful Dead) gastrointestinal hemorrhage 1973

    Joseph Merrick (The Elephant Man) British severely deformed celebrity of Victorian era London suffocation, possibly suicide 1890

    Jim Morrison American rock singer (The Doors) Heart failure 1971

    Henry Moseley British physicist killed in action 1915

    Masako Natsume Japanese actress acute myeloid leukemia 1985

    Steve Olin American Major League Baseball pitcher boating accident 1993

    Kristen Pfaff American rock/bassist (Hole) heroin overdose 1994

    François Proth French mathematician unknown 1879

    William Quantrill American Confederate guerrilla Killed by Union army 1865

    Bobby Sands Northern Irish hunger striker, British Member of Parliament self-imposed starvation 1981

    Abraham Sarmiento, Jr. Filipino journalist and student-activist heart attack after health weakened by imprisonment 1977

    Korey Stringer American NFL player complications of heatstroke 2001

    Gary Thain New Zealander bassist (Uriah Heep) drug overdose 1975

    Thuy Trang Vietnamese/American Actress car accident 2001

    Pat Tillman American NFL player who gave up football to join US Army after September 11, 2001 attacks "friendly fire" in Afghanistan 2004

    Georg Trakl German Expressionist poet suicide 1914

    Jeremy Michael Ward American sound technician (The Mars Volta) heroin overdose 2003

    Alan Wilson American blues rock singer and songwriter (Canned Heat) barbiturate overdose 1970

    Rico Yan Filipino actor either acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis or bangungot 2002

    Mia Zapata American lead singer (The Gits) murdered 1993

    Source(s): All of these people died at age 27 (the list includes cause and year) Here is more: Too much information...but interesting none the less. I feel so internet geeky when I find this
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Robert Johnson

    James Dean

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Brian Jones (of the Rolling Stones)?

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