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ok i want to shop at aeropostale and abercrombie. but i'm black isnt that kinda weird to go into those stores. Im actually a preppy girl and stuff but yeah so can you help me? and how to convine my mom to let me wear makeup im 13 i just want to wear eyeshadow, mascara and tinted lipgloss. i think that is good?? help plz also im going to middle school and im scared i've been homeschooled and im going to eight grade so how can i stay organized and make friends and things like that? Im sorry this is so long and should be in different sections but i dont want to waste my points.

Thanks :-)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Why do you want to shop at Aeropostale and Abercrombie? If you just want to shop at Aeropostale and Abercrombie to be labled as rich, then don't shop at all! I shop at Aeropostale and Abercrombie because it flatters my figure. I'm short and really skinny at 104 pounds. 8th grade is the end of middle school. This means all the maturity is left behind and this is the preparation of ACTING like high schoolers. I don't like Aeropostale since there shirts are LOW quality and they look washed out. If you have GAP or Old Navy clothes, DON'T wear them. The one thing about fashion is not having people know where you get your clothes and they are cute. Please will sterotype you into: cheap. The one thing about fashion, II recommend Abercrombie. It is on the expensive side but one shirt, jeans, and skirt is good enough for you. Don't wear abercrombie from headwear to footwear. It will make you look like an ABERZOMBIE!

    aberzombie - (a•BIR•zom•bee) n. A person who is obsessed with Abercrombie clothing.

    I find that Abercrombie flatters my figure and yes, it does make my 34B chest look bigger :-). It's really good when you just want to impress somebody. However, don't wear it with a bad hair/face day. I am not sure if you should wear it on the first day of school so all the guys will be hollering at you. You might be even more tempting to buy more clothes of that.

    I live in the Bronx of New York. If you haven't realized, New York is the most diversed state in the United States. I'm sure you have heard of Harlem? Well, I've been to the city and the other boroughs of New York City and I've taken note of what the teenage girls wears. Most of these girls are either black or hispanic. Take note on that too.

    1) A tight or fitted tee/screen that has a design or saying on it.

    An example

    Another example is:

    NOTE****: Wetseal and Mandee are excellent teenage stores. I recommend Forever 21 too if you're on a budget.

    2) Skinny jeans or bootcut jeans. NO FLARE OR WIDE LEG JEANS. That is not being preppy right. Sometimes, I see girls wearing leggings alone. Its ultra cute and perfect for showing your a$$.

    3) Nikes/Jordans/flip flops. Most black people wear Nikes or Jordans. I only have 1 pair of Nikes and its yellow and blue. My mom doesn't believe in buying $100 dollars in shoes. When wearing Nikes, try to match the color of the strip that is like a check (it is on the side of the sneakers) with your shirt. That's the best way! I don't know about Jordans because I never had one. Don't wear a black/pink Jordans or Nikes with a blue top. You are suppose to look "fresh" not "I dressed in the dark."


    Make Up

    Make up is used for enhancing your features not making them! Currently, I have a scar on my lower lip and I cover that up with concealer. It is an outbreak of a cold sores (yes I have it and you do NOT want it. Be careful who you kiss. Cold sores last a good 2 weeks and they are painful as well as hard to cover up) I distribute concealer for my whole face. Then I use black pencil eye liner. It makes my eyes look bigger. After that, I put on mascara. If I am going somewhere, I use eye shadow. I have medium darkish skin tone. I don't like how the gold looks on me. It makes me look fake and a wannabee. Dark reds, plums, and dark olivish green look REALLY nice on me. Since your just starting eight grade, your daily facial routine should be:

    1) Wash your face with a moisterizer. I use Olay Face Regeneration. It comes in a black bottle. It is VERY GOOD. When it comes in contact with water, it heats up. It closes your pores and your skin feels softer and newer!

    2) Wear concealer that has an SPF of atleast 15. Dab onto forehead, cheaks, nose, and chin. I have like a dark path underneath both eyes, so I put concealer over it to make it seem I have even skin tone.

    4) Eye liner involves putting a pencil kinda close to your eye. I can't get it down pack but I put it at the bottom since it is easier. Too much eye liner is bad. I suggest stay away from it since your an amateur.

    5) Mascara gives the impression of fuller, longer, volumized lashes. It gives my eyes a definition or something to stare at. I love it!

    6) Lip gloss. You can find lip glosses everywhere. I love MAC lipgloss, they are expensive though but they do the job just right! Stay away from light pinks. I opt for cherry pink or brownish pink to match with my actual lip color. Before applying lip gloss, you should apply lip balm. It keeps your lips soft and moist. Before I go to bed, I rub vaseline on my lips and my lips are OH SO soft when I wake up.



    Eighth grade was a tough year for me. The overview of my year is:

    • an entrance to high school exam (you are going to take this. I suggest studying for this!!! I did, and I got a $2,000 scholarship to a Catholic High School which I am going to.)

    • Prom/Dinner Dance/Dance (if your school has that)

    • Confirmation (it is a religious ceremony where Catholics refill our baptismal vows.)

    • Graduation

    • A lot of trips

    • Midterms

    • Finals

    I suggest getting a planner where you can write your homework down? Try 50 minutes of studying and then 10 minutes of break if you can't focus. Take good notes! After I take notes, I write a (T) next to the important information such as: dates, people, vocab, etc. etc. I section my notes by topics so it is easier to refer back to. Here is an example of my notes:

    The Roaring 1920s

    • BLAH


    I skipped lines between each bullet point so it is easier to read. Study for finals/midterms, 1 week before. Take your notebook everywhere. I find that by organizing my notes by topic, it is easier to study. So instead of looking for what is photosynthesis is, I know that it will have its own topic.

    Another way to organize your notes, is by sectioning your notebook or whatever you use in three sections:

    1) Vocab

    2) People

    3) Places

    I find that this will be good for History Classes. You may not find a place to put like the 2000 Presidential Election information. So make another section for that. I didn't like doing this because my teacher sets her midterms/finals on particular date ranges. I don't want to be flipping through my notebook for that. Of course, they wouldn't be in alphabetical order which makes it even worse!


    Don't Forget

    1) Don't trash about anyone

    2) Don't let any boy play you

    3) Try to be you!


    First day of school outfit:


    Victoria Secret Pink (Many Teenage girls wear this for a cute lazy look)


    Hope I was a great help! That was fun helping another person similar to me.

    Source(s): I am 13 black graduating 8th grader female in New York, the fashion state.
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  • 1 decade ago

    i shop at aeropostale, abercrombie, hollister, and american eagle more than any other stores; so i should know the scoop here. :] i have black friends who shop at those stores and if you go online to there is black models. so i dont see why there is anything wrong with that..? and i'm sorry but i cant stand people like you.. you think because you are black you are not aloud to do certain things. you need to not care what people think at all. you are you and nobody can do anything about it.. except for maybe your parents ;]

    about the make up thing, just say mom at least i'm not wearing dark dark black eye liner that makes me look like a slutty raccoon. and i dont know if you have actually put the make up on and showed her and if not, you definently should to show her how light it really is. if that doesn't work go ask your dad. :]

    tips would be don't use binders, use spirals for different classes. take gym clothes home EVERYTIME you use them; don't let them stay in your loocker until the end of the year and have to get a trash bag to carry them all home. you can also get ringworm from the sweat in them. both have happened to me haha. also, with the teachers them the same way they treat you. if they are nice, treat them nice. if they are mean, treat them mean. just some advice :]


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  • Mariah
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    1 decade ago

    Hey- if you like it, go ahead and shop there. If anyone gives you crap about being black, just ignore them and keep shopping. You can shop where ever you want- don't let anyone tell you different.

    Makeup- You may want to have a heart to heart with your mom about the makeup issue. Tell her that since you are going to be entering middle school, you may feel more comfortable with a touch of makeup on. Tell her you will keep it understated, and maybe even go to the mall or a makeup store with her and let the artists make you up nicely. If your mom still doesn't like it, wait a few more years until she is more comfortable.

    School- Do you have any friends that are going with you? If not, it's always helpful to join a club of people who share common interests with you. I know it's hard, but you'll make friends eventually. Also, get an organizer and folders or binders for each of your classes. DON'T just throw stuff in your bag- it will definitely get trashed super quick. Have makeup bags for pencils and pens, personal items like keys or money, etc. and keep them in a compartment of your backpack that is easy to get to.

    I know all of this is hard, but you will do fine. Stand up and be proud.

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  • Who cares if you are black! It doesn't matter! No one will EVER stand in your way of shopping there, I know it. The employees there will not say, " Oh! You're black! Get out!". See here, they want to make money. I think that you should walk in there confidently and don't care if you are black, white, or asian. I'm asian and I shop at abercrombie. Everyone looks at me, but I don't care! I don't care what people are thinking in their minds. All I want is the clothes, not any feedback about my skin tone. FEEL CONFIDENT! And about the makeup, it really does go. How to convince your mom is to not wear it a lot, if ur planning to wear it to school, and how to make friends and all that is be your self. Show the world what your made of. Show self esteem and believe in yourself.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It doesn't matter what your skin color is whe it comes to going to Aeropostale and Abercrombie. Making friends willbe easy. Just go up to a girl and say, "Hey! Whats up? I like your shirt." Or whatever. People like compliments. And about makeup, just ask your mom why you can't wear. Start acting mature, (if you don't already) and don't bug her a bunch and say, "but mom, everyone at school wears it!!" then she'll just think you aren't mature enough. Hope this helps! ;)

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  • 1 decade ago

    yeah..who cares if u r black u can shop at te stores u like to shop at! and just tell ur mom it will make u feel maturer and u promise to not mis use it and make it look pretty natural for the makeup. for the organised thing just get a good supply of pencils and a 3 ring binder that u can put dividers in for each subject. to make friends u want to make sure to be ur self and be friendly and not to shy.

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  • 1 decade ago

    its not weird to go to those stores my friend is black and we go to the mall together all the time and shop there, and mabey just tell her tht ur growin up and tht u only want to wear a little

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes its fine. It shows your freedomes as a citizen in a way. No offense but i wish that people hadnt started saying Abercrombie was racist becuase they removed it from our mall:(

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  • 1 decade ago

    well first to shop at Abercrombie and Aeropostle you have to poop in Walmart atleast three times! Then after you have pooped go buy your makeup and tell your mom Biznach back off! and then go back and poop 3 more times and then you can go shop at those stores

    Source(s): common sense DURH URH URH URH URH come on now really! get with the trends and just remember to wipe after you poop
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Your Skin dosent matter! go in there and be proud! Just be yourself =)

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  • hey im 13 and i dnt where makeup it jst make u gt mor wrinnkles wen u gt older stop worryin wut oder ppl think oh and aroepostale is better

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