How Do I Recruit Zapdos In Pokemon Red Rescue Team?

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How do i recruit them? I heard you battle them until they join you, but is there a requirements like beat the game? As beat the game is it Beat Rayquaza? or Beat Jurachi or something? more
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yes when you beat RAYQUAZA at the SKY TOWER & save the pkmn world from the SHOOTING STAR & be able 2 evolve yourself & friends when the whiscash pond opens up 2 become LUMIOUS CAVE then you & your partner head back 2 your base where your partner will stop you and ask if you think it's a good idea the other pkmn become leaders say
YES & the deal is done but not yet you & your partner must do 1 more MISSION TOGETHER once done you'll be alone. now go back through MT THUNDER 2 recruit ZAPDOS just make sure your team is small of a size 2 (look below important info)
ZAPDOS= LV 25 HP = 300
if your a grass type(vulnerable to peck) or water type (vuinerable to electric type moves) this is going 2 be a especially tough fight fall back and use GRAVELROCKS or long range moves while your partners do the heavy lifting of ground & rock type moves like mud sport work great and moves that lower stats like leer are unusually effective in this brawl...glad 2 help :) & good luck if any QUESTIONS give me a yell :)


red & blue rescue guide book (white cover)
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  • afiimonz answered 6 years ago
    After you beat the main storyline (Beat Rayquaza) you will have to go back to Mt Blaze (Moltres) Mt. Thunder (Zapdos) ect... to try and recruit them, you should only have 2 pokemon with a 1 star (*) body size. Your Rescue Team should be about lvl 32-40 to kill them easier, and take note that they all dont have a 100% recruit rate so you may not get them in the first try. (Taken me 4 rounds of Mt. Thunder to get Zapdos, still havn't got him) It would also be handy if you equipted a Friend Bow to your leader.

    Here is a Wondermail code for the Friend Bow*
    ??7P ??Y? 4???
    +F?? F4?6 K???
    *Please Note that i havn't tried this wondermail code so i don't know if it works.

    Hope this helpz :)


    Beaten main Storyline - RRT
    Recruited Moltres
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  • silent_wolf66 answered 6 years ago
    you have to beat the game first. When you beat the game, you are now able to recruit the legendary pokemon. You just have to go to the dungeon where you found them, and fight them again. All the legendary birds have a 33.33% recruit rate. Groudon has a -10%. Kecleon has a -33.9%(I think, you have to be Lv.90+ with a friend bow to recruit a Kecleon(which is Lv.90 itself(don't even think about shoplifting!)))The higher level you are, the higher the recruit rate goes. If you are holding a friend bow, it goes up by 10% more.

    More info here.


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