I need a new Internet Service Provide / TV Provider / Phone Provider in Canada?

Here's what I'm currently paying:

Television - $79.95 (Includes Movie Central and High Definition Channels)

Internet - $48.00 (10 MB Download Speed)

Phone - $55.00 (Unlimited Long Distance to Canada, USA, and many other Countries)

I'm looking to change my services to different companies and save some money. Anyone have any ideas?


I live in BC

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Where do you live? What company are you with currently?

    If you're in BC, you can get TELUS. They are advertising pretty good bundles at the moment. I think you're paying about $180-185 right now, and with TELUS you will be paying around $120 for all that stuff.

    You can also get Shaw High-Speed Internet and Digital Home Phone. Get the TV service from Star Choice as they are a lot cheaper than Shaw and you get about 25 HD channels at no extra cost at all.

    You may also want to consider different companies for all your services. Although this will probably cost you the same as you're paying right now. I recommend the TELUS bundle.

  • 4 years ago

    The cheapest you can get an internet service is "free" if there is a public WiFi hotzone in your neighbourhood. For example, I think parts of Toronto and Ottawa now have a public internet service you can connect to at no charge. Otherwise, the lowest priced service is probably NetZero at $9.95 per month. In my area (Montreal, QC), I can get high-speed internet from Videotron or Bell Canada. Other providers could be Rogers or Primus, as well as many smaller dial-up companies offering internet packages.

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