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White House: We Could Block Potential McClellan Hearings This is an outrage!!!! What do you all think of this?


Think Progress reported this afternoon that White House spokesperson Dana Perino told reporters Friday during a press conference that the White House could possibly stop McClellan from testifying before Congress:

QUESTION: Could the White House block him from testifying, if he wanted to testify? Or how does that work?

PERINO: Conceivably?


PERINO: Hypothetically, which I'm not supposed to answer a hypothetical, yes, I think so. The law would allow for that. But by saying that, I'm not suggesting that that's what would happen or not happen.

McClellan himself told CNN's Wolf Blitzer Friday that he'd be "glad" to testify about the Bush White House. That and he doesn't see himself apologizing to George Bush any time soon:


Well, I can't use FOX NEWS cause they are not reporting anything on this.

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    I would love to see McClellan testify. I would also love to have him facing the threat of jail time (for perjury) and civil lawsuits after it was over. His 'thirty pieces of silver' wouldn't last long. Bring it on.

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    <<McClellan himself told CNN's Wolf Blitzer Friday that he'd be "glad" to testify about the Bush White House>

    Uh, oh...hope Scott has his life insurance policy paid up...he may be swimming with the fishes soon!

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    appropriate it somewhat is the puzzlement, there is a lot harm indoors the e book, they do no longer additionally comprehend the thank you to start the spin, so as that they are puzzled. as at as quickly as as they be certain the two an attack tactic, discrediting tactic or purely attempt to push aside him out of hand as being disgruntled has yet to be desperate. good now the administration is circling the wagons and waving the mystified flag till at last a plan might incredible be accompanied.

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    First of all your reference is a liberal hack that has been caught flat out lying.

    Then we can talk about McClellan's accusations, let's see OH YEAH there is absolutely nothing that Bush hasn't already been accused of. Well at least McClellan will make a buck off people like you stupid enough to by into the whole thing.

    Fox news talked about it half the morning so I guess that makes you about as reliable as your source.

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    Amazing how you can turn a hypothetical into a definite....your about as credible as the book...which is opinion...not FACT...he even ADMITS that it is opinion as he was NOT at most of the meetings referred to...

    Source(s): But dont let FACTS get in the way of your might enlighten you... By the way from the saying in your profile...all Republicans disgust you...we can clearly see how tolerant and open a person you are...or not...
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    Why are you so surprise? Look what Billy-boy Clinton got away with during his 8 yrs.

  • Typical of the Republican party. They advocate for open, honest, and transparent government except when it threatens to expose them and their lies.

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    Huffington Post...a real creadible source...ranks right up there with the Globe and Sun.........Pelosi will not call him...Soros has already told her that it would be perjury if asked for FACTS..the book is his OPINION...but libs can not tell the two here they are not the same and already PROVEN so....

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    Testify for what? Yawn.

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